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Erotika : M2M 2

There is a new video in town and it’s called Erotika: M2M 2 [The Art of Striptease and Sensual Dancing]. Here’s part of the press release for the video: Priced at Php 199, Videoflick Productions’ latest offering is sure to teach viewers more about sensual dancing. Ginoong Pilipinas 2006 first runner-up Dexter Castro [in photo] – along with newcomers Gael, Ivan Maxwell, Rojer and Seff Posadas – will demonstrate what the art of sensual dancing is all about: movements that heighten desire, intimacy and passion. Through their own sensual dance routines, the Erotika models will show you how dancing can bring out your sensual side. Striptease, lap dancing and pole dancing – viewers can learn it all just by watching the video. The video is now available in major record and video stores.
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  1. RD, unbiased review please of this “Erotika: M2M 2” dvd before i commit to put it in my shopping cart. aba bumababa na ang US$ kaya i have to spend my $$$ wisely if not frugally (lol).

    THANKS …*****

  2. i bought this last week and was disappointed. the men are no way nearly as hot as the Hubad! men or the Provoq men. And they don’t show any nudity…

  3. i just hope na it is much..much..much better than the very disappointing hubad of johnron na parang commercial ng isang brand ng brief!!!!hehehehehe!!!!fly na ang lolah later sa mall!!!!

  4. just bought the’s not available in dvd fairness ok naman sya although you are nudity..meron pala pero tinakpan ng shadow at mga kung anu=anung mga kaechosan!!!in fairness..ok ang music nila!!! kailan kaya ako makakpanood ng ganito na ang gagamitin briefs/trunks ay ung katulad ng white trunks na pinasuot sa mga g.pilipinas’07???? dun ako talaga tumili…next year..susugod ako sa clam shell para makapanood ng live!!!

  5. Yes, Johnron’s “Hubad” is just a long tease, para bang yung mga macho dancers na galaw nang galaw in slow motion, at binababa ng kaunti ang bikini nila pero hindi naman tinutuloy. Tease lang talaga. But maybe the video is most effective only in jacking up Johnron’s asking price ‘coz he really looks yummy there. Sa “Erotika,” hmmm, ewan.

  6. yup, been receiving bad reviews lately that’s why I didn’t bought it when I had the chance.

    Sayang lang kasi eh the mere fact na the models are not even THAT popular.

    Among all I still would bet Lalake sa Parola a 10/10

    Hubad 3/10 – That movie sucked

    Men of Provoq 5/10

  7. No wonder, “bird” is another, more acceptable, term for the penis. Dexter has one in his crotch. I feel like singing a dirge for the bird, “Ibon mang may layang lumipad, kulungin mo at umiiyak…”

  8. to rei…i saw the parola sa robinson’ galeria…ok naman ..pasado acting ni harry…pero very minimal yung exposure ng you know what…may nakita ako kahapon while buying may available na parola…without cuts daw…may mga exposures ba????? kailan kaya magkakaroon ng part 2 ng provoq???? sana higitan nila yung mga naglabasan after them…higitan di nila yung nauna sa kanila na pinoy hotdogs…naloka ako sa frontal nila dun..yung underwater shots…nadownload ko…di ko lang tanda if sa miongxxx o miong21!!!!

  9. this guy looks yummy. may nakagets na kaya sa kanya? sa may mga alam o nakagets na kay dexter share nyo ang inyong reviews o stories.thanks.

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