Dick-A-Day: Dennis

At the Exotic Hunks 2002 competition, an annual grinders gala among gay clubs in the metro, Dennis was the oldest in his batch. A younger, brawnier Brando from Davao City down South was the winner, but big ole Dennis put up a good dancing fight. The story goes that when the dancers were herded to an aging antique collector’s house for their photo shoot , the happy geezer took a fancy on Dennis and asked him to come immediately.

7 thoughts on “Dick-A-Day: Dennis”

  1. kahit tanda na sya at liit ng ulo, me appeal pa rin sya. i love him. More photo please. I watch out for him. Thanks!!!

  2. need to see more photos of Dennis, I’m a new fan, you look so nice, Dennis try to contact me, ok. I want to be your friend…. sleeplessinSeattle

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