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Dick-a-Day: Wendell Santiago

Unlike in the olden days when there was a dearth of naked photos of Filipino guys on the net, there is now a fleshing out of such pictures – amateur or otherwise. Of course, technology [or more specifically bluetooth, IR and plug-and-play] has made all that possible. You have digital-camera- and mobile-phone-photos of boys with their dongs-a-dangling for all to see. Stolen shots, candid shots and studio shots. They are dime-a-dozen these days, as photos [and videos] of every Janvier, Piolo and Harry have all been uploaded on the world wide web. Which is totally bad news to all the prim and prissy readers out there. Photo above is of Wendell Santiago, 24, 5’5″-tall and an entertainer.
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  1. mukhang mushroom na mushroom ang ulo niya sa baba. sana pinakita ang buong package. bitin naman ang DAD (dick-a-day) na ito. hehe. more more more!

  2. VERY CORRECT but let me make a short and crisp addendum. what is fuelling the engine is the oversupply of willing, partners-in-crime guys available, who everyday choose between an empty stomach or the camera lens. a report says that there are 88M. pinoys now. that makes it even more than dime a baker’s dozen. it is a pitiful situation (i am in tears), i know, i am a filipino by birth, that is why i choose to spend my annual vacation and $$$ in the phil. to help even in a meagre way i can my blood brothers. i think i have said enough…baka sabihin na naman mataray ako (LOL)…

  3. thanks to you rd! ever since you’ve created this site, pinoy nudes on the net have become easier to find.

    please more dick a day shots 🙂


  4. Can you tell us more about Wendell, and give us more photos? Kasi baka chamba lang na napakaganda niya sa picture na ito. Bihira ang kombinasyon ng magagandang features niya: boyish but somehow a little impish face; nice, full body; and his one-eyed snake creeping out of his hand. Saan siya nanggaling?

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