So it has come this: I have been blogging for more than eleven years already. Many have come (no pun) and gone, but your daily stream of boys in various states of undress kept on, uh, coming. I think I haven’t missed a day since 2007 with the postings. Today, I will go on hiatus, partly because I’m off to an adventure where there is little or no internet for a week or two, and also because I want to think things through if I want to continue doing this forever. It’s a thankless site, but it kept me entertained in my uninvolving life. Everything is going fast these days in social media with the instant posts in Instagram and Twitter, blogging couldn’t quite cope with. I am pretty sure you’ll get your daily dose in there.  Thank you for making this site a habit with your coffee or cigarettes.

181 thoughts on “Dickin”

      1. Hay nako bakla, wala ka talagang kaalam-alam. Palibhasa wala kang kopya. HAHAHA! Kawawa ka naman, hanggang ganyan ka nalang. Pwe!

        1. juice colored kung si jeron teng lang naman na uber chaka, no thanks na lang noh! pakababa ng standards nyo pweh!

  1. hala 🙁
    lagi akong naghihintay ng update mo every 3am. Highschool pa lang ako 🙁 Sana bumalik ka pa ulit 🙁
    Your style of writing is one of the reason why I keep on following your blog 🙁

  2. I’m one of your avid reader since day one, RD. I would like to thank you for giving us a slice of heaven here on Earth. If you think you need to rest for a while, go ahead. But please, look for someone who deserves to continue your legacy. 😁😁😁

  3. Hi ate RD. Alam ko madaming trolls dito, malakas trip ng mga beki pag anonymous sila. siguro kasi nalalabas nila (no pun intended) yung repressed feelings nila. Bakla, grade 7 palang ako rddantes na ang source ko for pinoy boys, days pa yun nila josh ivan, that was more than a decade ago. ngayon working na ako sa cali but i still open it everyday, kasi ito nalang natitirang blog from the golden age of gay pinoy blogs. Lahat wala na, like you said di maka keep up sa rapid development ng social media. Minsan lang ako magcomment pero nakakaaliw padin yung mga trolls kahit balahura sila. Anyway, deserve mo yang retreat na yan and Thank you! Wag mo kami iwanan forever ate rd

    1. Totally agree. Eto na lang yung surviving blog from a time not too long ago na maraming gay bloggers. Most of them stopped actively blogging a few years after 2010, isa na lang ito sa mga natitira kung di man tanging natitira. Please keep on blogging! Always looking forward to your posts every morning. Thank you RD!

      1. RD, Thanks sa mga daily posts mo, its hard work, and I sincerely appreciate it. I’m sure my sisters here appreciate them too. Just continue what you do. If we’ll miss you, I’m sure you’ll miss us too. All the jokes, the bickerings ng mga bading dito has been a part of our day, and even yours. Idagdag mo pa ang daily dose ng mga boys, old and new, famous or infamous, and relatively unknowns, you’ll miss serving them to us too, so please, don’t quit! The night is still young!

  4. Rd noooooooo!

    Im one of your silent fans and this is the first time im writing a comment since the time I laid my eyes on your blog. TBH, youre blog starts my day. I cant imagine my mornings without checking ur blog. 🙁

    Enjoy your loong vacation but please, come back. Please. Please. T.T

  5. Eto naman, parang 1-2 weeks ka lang mawawala, hiatus na?! Holy week naman e so ok lang kung walang post for 1-2 weeks, get a rest. Then balik ka.. Dami pang yummy na pictures na pwede mong maipost in the future kaya don’t leave for good.

    1. di ka rin nagbabasa eh. Pag-iisipan nga rin kasi nya within that break kung itutuloy pa niya itong site niya, eh kung marami pa palang pwedeng ipost bakit hindi ikaw gumawa? empleyado mo si RD?

      1. Gaga! Kaya nga sabi ko, wag siyang mag-quit di ba? Para marami pa siyang mai-post dahil marami pa talagang darating..

        1. bobita ang tinutukoy ko yung question mo about sa hiatus! eh ano kung 1-2 weeks lang hiatus pa rin tawag dun na pwede pang humaba…kaya nga ikaw ang magblog at magpost? binabayaran mo si RD para magdemand ka? eh ano kung marami pang parating, edi ikaw sumalubong

  6. Mama RD hindi lahat may IG at Twitter, ako nga sa site mo umaasa ng mga update sa boys. Sana di ka tumigil sa pagba-blog mo po kasi marami pa po kaming tumatangkilik sa site mo. Please po ,iniwan kami ng mga jowa nmin pati ikaw mamang? Anyway, ingat ka po sa vacation mo and we’ll be patiently waiting for your ultimate comeback…

    Ps..RD after holy week for sure daming pic ng boys on the beach so please wag kang magstop sa blogging.

  7. oh no darling RD…we may have twitter and IG but yur site would still remain as my utopia for that daily dose of juicy pinoy manmeat and tea-spillings..as it has been since 2007,so i thank u for that…just keep ’em coming and don’t mind the naysayers…you’ll always be my comfort food in sleaze.

  8. Hey RD,

    Ive been a reader since 2009. I wasnt sure be then who I was and what I wanted. Your words and your visuals kept me entertained, kept me mused and kept me going. This site is more than just the boys, it built a community. And everybody is inspired and thankful.

    Cheers for the 10 years of Hot Men in the Philippines!

  9. Oh no rd please keep posting…you may have a short vacation but get back to us to your loyal followers..pls dont leave us rd please!!!!!! Love love

  10. Oh no rd please keep posting…you may have a short vacation but get back to us to your loyal followers..pls dont leave us rd please!!!!!!

  11. Thank you, RD for all the passion and hard work you’ve put up for this site. FB and Twitter may be so rapid and real time in updating us on the latest about hot men, but it is your blog’s consistency, editorial choice and elegance that keep us hooked. Enjoy the holiday!

  12. We could never thank you enough on how much you are making our lives exciting every single day. . We are like kids with bright open eyes while opening our surprise daily gifts! 🙂

  13. Rd I have been following this site since 2008
    When I wake up in the morning it’s the first thing I check
    I enjoy the anagrams and funny puns you incorporate with your captions and images’ file names. I can’t imagine a world without you. But if you have come to a decision to stop I want to be able to express my boundless thanks to you for the racy entertaining and sexy posts thru the years. Your blog has been a part of my life for a decade and for that I thank you. If you ever visit Guam let me know so I can take you out to dinner

  14. ang dami ng blogs na nawala na kasabayan mo pero nanatili ka pa rin. i hope itutuloy mo pa rin ito dahil ang dami pa naming naka-abang sa mga post mo araw-araw. salamat!

  15. aaaii vhaket mareh? anyari? settling down ?hihihi. will respect ur decision but muchas gracias. isa ako sa mga napasaya at naaliw mo. mwah!!!

  16. i hope you do come back. Maybe all the negative comments got you. Just ignore them. This site is the first thing i check in the morning lol. On your hiatus i do hope you’ll find peace.

  17. i’m one of your silent followers. it would be sad to see this site close. we will miss not just the images and videos, pati rin your accompanying back stories and witty annonatations at saka the naughty anagram clues at pati na rin yung exchanges ng comments mga matataray at more vocal visitors. kasi sa ibang sites sobrang pretentious ang admins and sobrang sanitized ang clues. you will be sorely missed. hope you change your mind. have a great sabbatical 😊

  18. OMG Jeron Teng?!?!? Yaas!

    But RD, hopefully you’ll continue! I love visiting every day to see which hottie (or not hehe) you share with us. A daily habit of mine for years! Hope you can relax, enjoy yourself and then come back to bring smiles to so many more faces 😉

  19. what!!! this is the first site i browse every morning. Just please take a vacation but don’t close down this site. We don’t care about twitter and insta updates. This is still the best site for gay community!

  20. some good things never last. but thanks really rddantes for the good and best times you have shared with us.

  21. I got on this website way back 2009, I was in High School that time. Now I’m currently working and still find some time to visit you here cause I always admire your post.

    Hoping that this would not be the last RD. Fighting!

  22. In case you’re leaving for good… let me Thank You then. I have been following your blog everyday for your post since I found it many years ago. If you leave it would put a void in my routine. I probably wrote 2-3 comments then and stopped since people here are kind of nasty with replies. There are some who are good though. Again…Many Thanks RD.

  23. Your blog is the first thing i open whenever i wake up. So please dont ever think of putting a closure to this site

  24. rd ng tagal ko na dito. salamat. minsan napapansin ko less appreciated ka. dami png reklamo mg tao. pero basta rd salamat tlga. ang tagal ko na dito eto ung pinakauna kong comment. simula bata pa ako.

  25. This is sadddd been here for so long. This is my first ever comment. Thankssss RD super appreciate everything

  26. Thank you rd, but please stay. Your site is part of my morning ritual. I’m a loyal follower, it just won’t be the same.

  27. ive been following you since 2010, yet it’s the first site i visit everyday for almost 8 years. pls po wag ka sanang magsawa. thank you talaga.

  28. Who says nobody appreciates you. Ako nga mula nuna nalaman ko tong site na to nun 2008 kahit nasa spain ako binalikan ko lahat un first year mo.. Lahat wala ako pinalagpas.. Ofcourse we love you..

  29. May utang? , atraso?, naagraviado? (ka), libel case, tinotokhang (ka) or may AIDS (ka?) siguro kaya dramatic exit drama mo.Pang Miss Q&A ang farewell speech mo. Anyway, salamat RD sa lahat. Isa kang alamat! Ingat ka n Gud lak girl!

  30. I never post comment until this day. This site has been my stress reliever for the past couple of years. You deserve a break but please dont leave for good.

  31. This is my first comment ever in this site, not a sharer type. My future mornings won’t be the same without your blog. I don’t do IG nor FB because there was one time that I accidentally liked a photo of a shirtless officemate. I’m a closeted gay guy, you don’t know how much color you give to a world of a person like myself. Your blog is like our dusk and the commenters (well, some at the very least) are the street litters. Please, Mama RD! Don’t leave us. We love you!

  32. Hi Rd
    Please don’t leave this is my favorite site everyday… Para ka na ring FP ng buhay ko…. Just enjoy your vacation and come back….

  33. Up to the last you carried yourself with class and humility. Are you following the steps of Lex of Lexuality or McFish of Only Asian Boys? If so, good luck to you. Remember the old saying, there is another life out there waiting for you. Do it now for tomorrow could be too late. My last words to you comes from what you always say when you were still answering comments, “this blog doesn’t have to make sense”. But on the contrary, RD, it really does make sense (for most of us anyway). Enjoy your retirement, friend … Maple.

  34. Honey, dont you dare bail on us! You have been my guilty pleasure for a decade and you have no idea how your site gives me the joy i never had with any other place in the web. Truth be told, your site is more addictive than porn! Tell me what you need, hon. I can have my people contact your people. Money is no issue!

    -Chinoy restaurateur

  35. Thank you RD. I hope hindi ka magquit at magpatuloy ka parin. Part na ng araw namin ang magvisit sa site mo everyday.

    Have a nice vacation!!! Dito lang kami. 🙂

  36. Hello RD ive been an avid reader of this site and almost everyday i spare a little time to visit. I just want to thank you because you played a very big part in my “gay” life. Naalala ko pa noon na mag snesneak in ako ng madaling araw para gumamit ng PC just to visit your site, nakakatuwa lang isipin na kailangan ko pa magtago. Anyways, I hope that one day you will come back and surprise us with your very rddantes pasabog!

  37. Mama RD please dont go. Or lipat ka na lang instagram or tumblr or somewhere. Bata pa lang ako at closet pa, itong blog mo ang lagi ko inuuna puntahan pagkabukas pa lang ng pc at dial up pa noon, ngayon out na ako at parang dial up pa din sa bagal ang globe at smart sa mobile ikaw pa din inuuna ko sa umaga. Pleaseeee. We love you mama RD.

  38. First Time ko lang magsulat dito please naman wag kang huminto Ginoong RD memorize ko na tong site na ito probably taking a break but please don’t stop posing some interesting photos or news. I just can’t Imagine if you will be gone. And thank you for the efforts you’ve poured in this site. nagugood-vibes din ako madalas sa mga comments na nandito so please.

  39. It would certainly pain me to lose an icon of the gay community. Your blog has always been there for us. It has become a habit and your posts are always followed by the good, the bad and the ugly. It is good to think about things and ruminate. Have a great vacation nonetheless.


  41. Titi cguro yan ni RD kc malapit na xang mamatay or mag close ng site, sa twitter kc video link na ang trend at hindi picture picture lang, tas ina-angkin mu pa with matching watermarks eh sa mismong social media accounts lang nila naman nanggaling yung mga pino post mong pics, di man talaga sayo teh…

  42. I still remember when you flooded the gallery of pinoypride.org with naked men LOL. That was 2005 or 2006 until you got your own site. Thanks for the memories RD

  43. RD, please don’t quit. Yes, some of the fags may be a bunch of disrespectful, salacious ingrates but I think the silent majority are truly appreciative and very much grateful for your daily posts. For one, I open your blog the very first thing in the morning (even before I take a shower, gargle or read the morning paper). You are my only source of “naked information” as other sites are either promotional PR machines or cluttered with too much gutter-talk and grammatical errors that I couldn’t move past the literary void. You, on the other hand, are a wonderful writer! Your blog not only informs and entertains but might I say, your writing also educates. It encourages others to review english writing rules and strive to be better at creative writing. (Or they could simply go back to grammar school.) All I’m saying is don’t quit RD! You are a precious gem in a sea of worthless trash but know in your heart that there those like us who truly, thankfully, appreciate you.

  44. Ngayon Lang ako nag comment sa tagal tagal at araw araw Kong sumisilip sa iyo.. kagaya ngayon… Iniisip ko bago matulog .. mawawala ka nga ba talaga??? Rd.. wag mo kami iwan … Pag dinadalaw ko mga kaibigan ko sa southern Palawan.. umaakyat pa ako ng puno mag ka signal Lang at madalaw ka.. may mga area Kasi na mahina.. . Kaya RD,Tama na mag bakasyon ka.. pero SANA wag mo kaming iwan.

  45. May point naman si rddantes. Marami pong Bi at Gay pages sa facebook. Dun nalang po tayo magkikita. Nothing is permanent in this world except change ika nga. See you all there and hopefully hindi na tayo magpaka-anonymous. God bless sa lahat!

  46. guys mamimiss ko kayo. ang katarayan nung iba dito. ung mga nagmamagandang mga bakla. haha.. nakakaiyak. C rd ung isa sa mga baklang lodi. as in goals tlga.

  47. please don’t rd. this is part of my morning routine. and please, all those sleazy ig and twitter accounts are no match to you. take a break dear, but please come back.

  48. Hi RD,

    I am a follower from India, and have commented here a couple of times in the past anonymously. I discovered your site in 2007, and through many ups and downs this has been one of the consistent things in my life.

    I can’t even begin to appreciate the effort it might require to post every single day, but do understand the need for a break. I hope to see you back, if not necessarily in this form.

    Thank you for doing this for so long.

  49. Kaninong mahaba mejo payat at mahabang burat to? anyways, RD, my day is not complete without reading your blog…10 more years of blogging maybe? hehe

  50. RD is bluffing..
    He’s just taking a holy week break..
    Gay Blogging is his life..
    e’ll be back soon!

  51. MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT po mama RD sa iyong isang dekada at isang taon na pagbibigay sa amin ng mga mumunting pang kiliti/ kasiyahan … Job well done!! Hihintayin ko po ang iyong pagbabalik…

  52. Sad reality but this just proves that “some good things never last”. Your stand, your life, your decision and there’s nothing better to do than respect and accept it. I’m just hoping though that while you’re on your much needed break you will be able to think about it all over and then finally decide to make a big comeback 😉👏👃with a bang! I will wait for that day fervently🙄😊. For everything, thanks RD! God bless and more power!

  53. Tnx rd RD matagal na akong fan ng site na to almost every morning i always visit this blog.. para malaman kung anong bago sa alter.. heheh salamat sa rd …

  54. you will be greatly missed RD… thank you for entertaining me for quite a few years.. good luck and take care of yourself. we need more of you.. 🙂

  55. Hi RD! All I could say is my sincerest thank you for keeping us entertained with your postings of beefcakes, man-meat and racy photos of celebrities and everyday men in their various states of undress plus your funny way of captioning your posts thru witty anagrams since 2007. The community revolving around your blog is one of the shining beacons that give light to the gay culture in the Philippines. Whatever your decision is, I hope you’re having a grand life and surrounded by infinite love from your family and friends. Here’s to more than a decade of Philippine Internet gay entertainment 🍷

  56. Baks kung magretire ka na nga sana naman yung last post mo malaking pasabog. Hindi yung ganitong anonymous chakang nota lang 😢

    1. Yan siguro isa sa mga maraming reasons kaya iiwan tayo ni RD. Hindi kayo magkasya. Bigay na lang ayaw pa makuntento. Nanghihingi ka nga lang.

  57. Hi RD,

    Please dont… Hot Men in the Philippines palang title ng blog mo non Fan na fan na ako.. 2007 pa yon at sa pagkakaalala ko si Iago Raterta pa ata yung unang post mo dati? Naka indicate pa nga dati Full Name mo dito sa site at pati thumbnail ng photo mo. 🙂

  58. Am sure eh Will comeback with a Bang…… its your Mission to share the beauty OF man in any form …. We Love you much…..

  59. I’d rather break up with my boyfriend than see you leave this website. Please RD, come back na! Your website is my go to place everyday thus I don’t feel depressed whenever I get see em’ boys shirtless/naked as well as your witty captions. #haRDtoletgo

    1. If you will re-read the post, he clearly stated “partly”. Minsan important din ang adverbs. Utak mo ang nag April fool sayo. #proofreadfirst

  60. If he is signing off, why the site is still on? Shut down the site completely then i’ll believe that RD is not bluffing!

  61. Hi RD. Because of this site, you inspired me with my dreams. I am in my dreamjob because of this site. Will respect your decision no matter what happens. Xoxo

  62. goodbye RD Dantes! Your raunchy website that gives lustful desires to gay and bisexual Filipino men will surely be missed. Thank you.

  63. Mahal ka namin rd. Hnd ka man namin mapasalamatan lagi, the mere fact na maraming nagcocomment good or bad means maraming bumibisita sa site na ito. Naging bahagi ka na ng bawat araw ng sangkabaklaan dito sa pilipinas, maaatim mo ba na tanggalin ang isang source ng kaligayahan natin? I will respect your decision however i hope you will reconsider and cum back (pun intended) very soon.

  64. It’s your decision really:
    • if you leave and shut down this site permanently, THANK YOU!
    • if you continue for 11 years more, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!! mwah!

  65. Please come back, RD. You’re a legend, an integral part of our lives. You’ve created an online community- bickering, yes; but a solid one nonetheless. We understand your reasons for leaving, but know that we appreciate all the effort and time you devote to this site.

  66. Hi rd please naman please come back we miss you na!!!!! When are you coming back? Tpos na holy week hope to see u back this week thanks😊

  67. Hi rd please naman please come back we miss you na!!!!! When are you coming back? Tpos na holy week hope to see u back this week thanks

  68. Mama RD, please don’t leave us. Get an intern if you must, but please do not stop this good that you are doing.

    1. shempre di na sya magbabayad ng monthly fee sa godaddy kung di na magbloblog, sayang ang datung na pwede pang book na lang ng boys. so eventually maglalaho na itech… how sad for all the gays in the philippine islands…

  69. i am going to miss this kung aalis ka na nga, grabe nagaaral pa ko nung nagsimula ako magbasa dito hahaha

  70. Rd where are you na? Mizzz ka na namin please feature again our daily doses of vitamins… please!!! Love you rd

  71. It’s been so long RD. I think everyone is suffering from the void. Please return. And come back with a BANG!

  72. At dahil dyan, jeroen is now on the lead to becoming this year’s antm, i mean post w the most comments! 🙂

    1. Natabunan ang nota pic dahil sa emote ni RD. Mahaba nga ang thread pero di naman masyado napagusapan.

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