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Joey Alday drops it

It’s Thursday once again! It’s that time of the week when the fun starts to happen. That’s because the weekend is just a day away. For a wicked Thursday, here’s Joey Alday from you-know-where. He stands 5’9″ and with a mean and lean frame.  Twenty-three years old.  Regular contestant in the weekly contests of the little bar that could. Wicked!
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  1. Taga San Juan, Batangas kaya sya? Yung mga kakilala kong ALday ay taga doon. O baka naman screen name lang nya ang Joey Alday?

  2. Ganyang-ganyan ang etits ni Johnron. Medyo mataba, na medyo nakatayo pag hindi galit. Pag galit ibang usapan na yun. Tatakutin ka niya sa size, na para bang masasakal ka kapag sinubo mo. J, J, J, sakalin mo na ako. Sino ba’ng J, si Johnron o si Joey? Baliw daw ako. Ikumpara ko he naman ang god of beauty na darling kong Johnron sa isang Class C beauty. Hehaha!

  3. n wonder he is so proud flaunting his cockatoo – GOOD SHAFT, GOOD BALLS, GOOD PUBES, GOOD SKIN TONE, GOOD SIZE, GOOD CUT. in one word “PERFECT”. i have my share of seeing numerous pinoy dicks. this is “IT”.

  4. how do i contact this guy??? he’s yummy i must admit it…and i wanna try him…oh please oh please tell me how to contact this guy…:)

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