Hot Men in the Philippines

So gaze. Give it praise.

Ian Carlo (1) copy

I’ve peeled off all the layers. And what have I discovered?
That being naked means much more than being just uncovered.
Today I want to learn all that nakedness (could mean)
I mean I need to know that who I am isn’t shameful or obscene.
For if what we think is true. And honesty our goal.
Then nakedness is just another window to the soul.

Gratuitous Nudity, Naked Boys Singing.

Bit busy. I leave you first with this treat.  I hope he’s a real treat, this Ian Carlo of CJP Models.

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  1. sorry rd, pero parang hindi yata kumain ng tatlong araw, ang itim ng tarugs hindi malinis, parang may matinding karamdaman.

  2. bukang buka si Kuya!!!…CJF indeed have awesome models…parang Sean Cody o Cornin Fisher ng Pinas!!!

    1. mga model ni CJP yan (Cyrus Jeff Pring)…siya hanapin mo…sila mga rumarampa sa mga gaybars, sumasali sa bikini contest at nagca-cam2cam…

  3. Löng legged ang feg? Im sorry ha. Bakit ang itim niya? Sa resolution image ba or ang itim lng tlaga sya? Kalowkax

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