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Whose dick is that?

Ho-hum. It’s a boring Tuesday, and I thought I could liven things up a bit with this photo taken a few months back of a freelance male model.  He’s a regular bikini open contestant, quite tall at 6’1″ and bulky.  He’s never done Lips Bar, but he has traveled to Peel Bar in SoHo, Central, Hong Kong for some shows last year. Pretty soon, we might just get a good look at his handsome mug.  In the meantime, enjoy the penis shot! 
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  1. parang hindi kagwapuhan!

    hay naku dati sosyal ang term na “model”, ngayon parang wala ng prestige ang matawag na model dahil naglipana na ang mga “freelance models” na mukhang pinulot lang naman sa kung saan saan!

  2. BIG DICK LOVERS…don’t forget to check “ONLY ASIAN BOYS” today’s post. the Thai model is a Harry Chua look alike (in his LsP days) and has a dick to die for. calling all size queens, take out the jar of jelly and fulfil your fantasy.

  3. hello!!! hindi po xa si kuya alvin as in alvin montano….

    hahaha!!! what makes you think so???

    alvin is way far from him… toned pa rin si alvin ngaun. actually he is 3rd runner-up in the recent concluded mr. Red Hot Planet.

    a model search contest held at laguna…

  4. he’s edward anton…. model/actor/….go figure!…. he was here in HK late last year for the Underwear Flop chuchu….. under his “marketing” manager/dj kuno…..hahaha

  5. Hi anonymous above. I tried again, but he is not willing. Dont mean to sound selfish. but that was his reply to me. Sorry talaga.

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