Diether Ocampo at the Be Bench Finals

His starshine may have waned but 31-year-old actor Diether Ocampo is still one of Bench’s top celebrity endorsers. Recently, although his last soap Margarita got an unceremonious axing from ABS-CBN due to low ratings and unfavorable viewer response, his leading-man status was confirmed by his network when his photos were displayed with the likes of Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby in the annual exhibit of Star Magic, the talent management arm of ABS-CBN. Incidentally, when there’s not much to do in showbiz, Diether Ocampo does advocacy for Greenpeace and PETA.

4 thoughts on “Diether Ocampo at the Be Bench Finals”

  1. i don’t regret seeing diether fade out. his acting lacks depth, and has no other talents to show except his chicken legs which he hides in bench shows.

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