Enchong is having fun

Smooth boy Enchong Dee seems to have abandoned his training for the Olympic Gold. He’s been concentrating lately on tv soaps and shows, and modeling for the underwear brand Bench. First photo above was taken from the Bench Fever Underwear and Denim Show in 2006, where the 18-year old showed his swimmer’s bod, while second photo [right] was taken recently at the Be Bench Finals Night, where he bared a bit of extra poundage.

7 thoughts on “Enchong is having fun”

  1. Di naman siya tumaba a. Baka medyo marami lang nakain when the second picture was taken. I wonder if the guys featured here get to hear or read the comments about them. I’m more interested in the positive comments, not the bitchy, counterproductive ones. Can anybody tell me? Like, if Enchong hears about this concern, maybe he’ll watch his diet and his lack of physical activity.

  2. just saw lastikman a few hours ago. it was a pool scene. he was in his trunks, hindi siya mataba or tumaba. my friend took that pic in araneta. it was just a bad angle. the sleeves was thick so that in that angle, you couldn’t see his back. kanya nagmukhang mataba.

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