Endless Sleep [plus Eric Santiago]

When you are away/I move the bed closer to the wall/so your absence does not wake me.
You will never return/unless of course you do, as promised./Doubt moves in
sets up residence/and this knowledge of need,/the very need of you
straightens my back/against the wall till I sleep.
Te Ballard, Hard Unmovable Body

Sleep is my shield from life’s alarms. And so after a fatiguing week, I went to bed at 6 in the evening last night and woke up at 8 a.m. today [UPH, that explains why I didn’t make it to Blue Wave last night. And you didn’t wake me up, twerp!]. That’s about 14 hours of respite from the restless city down below. It was a sleep of endless lucid dreams and I could have gone apeshit from all those countless pleasures in those dreams. But then again I had to wake up , with a twitch of sadness somewhere, as sleep did not really hold any reality for me after all. [model is bronzed and brazen Eric Santiago]

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