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The Kill Bill moment

Model is Errol Iglesias, 25, freelance model.
At a tony bar last night, my friend and I couldn’t get a decent swig out of our bottles, largely due to the fact there were oodles of good-looking boys and we had to stare. Thing is, they had girlfriends with them – girls who felt special and twisty and girly because they are in the company of clear-faced cute boys. Suddenly, bored friend goes loose with his gayspeak: “This is the perfect Kill Bill moment.” Turns out, “Kill Bill” is supposed to mean “Kill the bilat” – ice the bitch and lech for the hunk. I’m not so sure if such term is being used these days, as it was my first time to hear it, although my catty friend assured me that he heard it long ago from his older friends. Anyhow, as we rattled off other funny Pinoy gayspeak phrases, we had wicked fun last night.
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  1. Maybe “Kill Bill” is something like “Bigyan mo nga ng pamasahe iyang babaeng iyan at pauwiin na!’ which is gayspeak of several years now. Pero, wow, at first I thought the guy himself was gay, with all that green polish on what I thought initially were his fingernails. Tapos, full-lipped pa siya, parang may lipstick; or maybe meron nga. May babaeng pugita pala sa likod niya. Well, kill Bill, hahaha!

  2. never heard of such expression. maybe it stems from the tarantiino’s recent film. but personally and i asked some british & irish friends there is no such expression. OR, maybe that was what hillary was heard at the white house saying when she found out bill was cohorting with monica. KILL BILL, KILL BILL. just a guess!!!!!

  3. I remember there was a movie titled “Kill Bill” but am not sure if its story line is somehow related. I can relate to RD’s story; many times I find an attractive hunk in the company of his girlfriend in, say, a mall, and wish oh so fervently that the girl goes somewhere else and if she does, I sneak on the guy and furtively hand him my business card. And I succeed on a scale of 6/10. The guy sends me SMS later…Being able to date the guy and taking him home to my bed is sweet success!

  4. the model is a very very good friend. I have several shots of him in the nude, but I have to ask permission first.

    An update, he finished his course Nursing finally. He has a girlfriend for 7 years, but still unsure.

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