At a late dinner last night, UPH was his usual chatty self – aside from, of course, complaining about the food he ordered. The conversation turned towards a quite-famous friend of his, who, apparently, had a penchant for construction workers, truck drivers [and family drivers, too], and security guards. He was wondering how a [then] young man with prominent status and patrician looks would dip into the soiled skivvies of the working class. Frankly, I am wondering too about the sociology of it all: while most Filipino gay guys lust after the mestizoid class, there is quite a number out there who would rather pine for the dark, sweaty, muscled worker, more commonly termed in local gayspeak – endearingly or otherwise, as the -Er variety [waitEr, workEr, drivEr]. Maybe it’s the masculine archetype of those jobs, you know, the lonely construction worker driving a nail into wood, the oiled and greasy truck driver riding a big machine or the security guard who speaks softly but carries a big stick. Ah, such human nature.

Models are, from left, Fernando Antonio and Fernando Montenegro, erstwhile bare-naked actors in the 90s era of the R-films.

4 thoughts on “Err.”

  1. You have to admit that there are members of the “ER” group who are, somewhat…appealing. For example, the “jologs” or as I would fondly call them “jolog-ers” have produced several delectable, 1-night to several-night stands such as:

    and numerous other “models” that found their way into the not-so-exclusive-and-hallowed-halls of Golds Gym/Fitness First! 🙂

  2. So, J. you are saying that you’ve had one-nighters with Diether and Jericho? Of course, Golds has a lot of those guttersnipe guys out there. Start with your friends from the gym instructors pool. Then the call center guys. Lots.

  3. Not I, but an acquaintance of mine who CLAIMS to have done IT with those two ACT-ERS! 🙂

    Among the gym instructors????

  4. And here I am feeling like a complete stalker, leaving a comment where I should have left the first one. Yes, masculinity, sweat, brown skin, hard labour, all of the above. Yes. Yes yes yes.

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