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WITWI: Gary Ysrael

Where in the world is Gary Ysrael? He’s a former member of the GMA-7 afternoon teen show, That’s Entertainment. Noted for his good looks and strong sex appeal, Gary Ysrael was being groomed then for leading man status. Unfortunately, he dropped out of showbiz after his stint in the ABS-CBN afternoon soap Marinella. Now, the former actor is at the Regional Training School 4 [Philippine Public Safety College] at Camp Guillermo Nakar in Lucena City, training as a policeman. He says he wants to pursue his dream of becoming a policeman.
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  1. Now this picture of Gary Ysrael is for armpit and nipple fetishists. Ganda pa rin ng mukha, but it seems like he’s getting into the image of a policeman he’s training to be, rather too early. You know what I’m referring to. Cops with pot bellies won’t be a thing of the past, at least with Gary. Still, the waistline isn’t that unappealing, for now. He still exudes sexiness. But maybe in 10 or five years…

  2. i could still remember when he was still a gym buddy of mine in slimmers. we used to call him “Bagyo”. His real name is Gary Tan. We were a trio then together with another friend of ours, Bon Valdez (also ex alumnus of “That’s”). Bagyo had lots of stories regarding his stint with that television show. Very, very interesting!! Hehehehehe

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