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Geoff Taylor strips!

Geoff Taylor returns!  The former Pinoy Dream Academy contestant, who dreamt of making it big in the, uh, big city, is back sans clothes.  The 5’11”-tall former model and now-singer from Cagayan Valley is nekkid in his latest photos.  Of course, he can do that disrobing pretty well as he has a nice bod. Remember he used to be a contestant in the 2006 Mossimo Bikini Summit, plus he did some modeling before.  Here’s hoping he will truly find his niche in showbiz.
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  1. i lurvvvv this site! gravehh kung sino sino nilalagay. everyday is a big big surprise. keep it up!!

  2. hi rd, can you feature charles christianson? sya yung isa sa teen idol ata dati, sa channel 2. saka si aaron villaflor..super crush ko ang mga to…

  3. hay naku…pag walang nangyayari sa career…hubaran na!!!!!! then what??? back no nowhere….madaling nakakalimutan!!!! pity!!!! but yummy!!! hehehehehe!!!!

  4. i know Geoff personally. I do not know who adviced him to strip naked and post his picture in the internet. Geoff, I hope you stop doing this. If you can’t make it big out there or if you cannot go to the US, pls come home to Tuguegarao. Kilala mo ako. Geoff, stop this pls.

  5. Ano ba iyan (December 6, 2008 7:30 PM), dati si Harry Chua sa Macau. Ngayon naman si Johnron. Wala namang katotohanan. Hmmph.

  6. To Anonymous (December 7, 2008, 4:06 am)

    Di kita pinipilit maniwala kung ayaw mo. Una, wala akong pakialam kay Harry Chua dahil di ko naman siya nakita sa Macau at di ako ang nag-feed ng info na dun siya nagtra-trabaho.

    Kinukwento ko lang na nakita ko si Johnron sa Macau nung Friday at ang sabi niya ay dun na siya nagtra-trabaho. Sa DD3 Disco. Siya ang nagsabi nun. Ngayon, kung di totoo eh di si Johnron ang sitahin mo. Kinukwento ko lang kung ano ang sinabi sakin ni Johnron.

  7. Mga kapatid, hindi siya hubad! Tinakpan lang niya ang trunks niya, meron siya series of photographs with his fellow models na nakatrunks! masyado naman kayo nacarried away hahaahha

  8. dati na pala mga kuha yan bago pa siya nag pda… nasa modeling pa siya nyan bago mag mossimo check niyo sa youtube may mga kasama yan at d siya hubo naka trunks siya

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