Heir Apparent

I know you just can’t get enough of Gerald Anderson, that refreshingly cute kid down by the ABS-CBN backlot. Reader macky79 sends in these candid photos of the boy, shirtless – of course, from the shoot for StarStudio magazine’s top 12 “most sizzling boys under 23.” The photos are proof positive that the published image of Gerald was not digitally manipulated. He’s beginning to bulk up his body and buckle down to serious mode, most probably in preparation for more intense and weighty roles as an adult.  Gerald is really poised to take over as the top guy in his home studio soon.

18 thoughts on “Heir Apparent”

  1. Isn’t he a Bench model? Why is he wearing Calvin Klein brief for publication? Tapos na ba contract nya sa Benchang?

  2. I love you Gerald! Yes you are the heir apparent to Piolo. Piolo has to move on and find himself. You can’t be Piolo but you’ve got the looks and you can act. At least you have no issues about your sexuality.

  3. i’m sorry. no matter how much i try, i find him bland and ordinary. no appeal whatsoever. my apologies to his fans

  4. OO nga. Bakit naka Calvin Klein sya. This shoud be sent to mama bench.

    Baka naman malay natin, pati rin si Ben Chan, Calvin Klein rin pala ang sinusuot.

    Always remember, practice what you preach 😉

  5. Ilang taon ba si Gerald nung sumali siya sa PBB? Wala pa siyang buhok sa kilikili nun eh. Ngayon malagong-malago na. Nakakalibog. Ang swerte ni Kim. Shit.

  6. wala pa nga siyang buhok sa kilikili nun. nice to see he’s growing up nicely. those pits are so lickable…

  7. i thnk me k n tong batang itech mging underwear model..it’s very obvious nman kc eh…ang sexy cguro ni papa gerald kng nkabrief lng xa..

  8. buti pa dito kay papa ge… walang nagaaway… samantalang masmukha namang magspark ng away ang hotness nya d b?

    tsalap tsalap!!!

  9. shet! see i told you, hindi photoshopped ang pic nia sa mag! love you gerald! keep it up! workout more! nice body and smile! i super love you! muah!

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