Messrs. USA: Travis Kraft and Chris Friel

I don’t know but is it just me or something else: the guys in the photo above look like they just got trucked in from the wax museum. Travis Kraft [left] and Chris Friel , were USA’s representatives to the 2007 and 2006 editions of Manhunt International, respectively. Both lost. Chris Friel, who is of Filipino-Japanese descent won this year’s Mr. Asia USA, sponsored by a Thai university. Travis Kraft, on the other hand, has been turning up in Manila’s billboards and TV commercials of late, aside from regular guest appearances in TV soaps as the token American guy. Both guys came to the country upon the invite of singer-host Lance Raymundo, who claims that Chris Friel is his long-lost cousin [Sorry Reg, I’m not buying it, say, I don’t see the freakin’ family resemblance.] Just the same, we are delighted at your arrival and visit in the Philippines, Messrs. USA.

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