Bronzed and Brazen: Eric Santiago

Dark-skinned Eric Santiago was one of the contestants at the Ginoong Pilipinas 2003 male pageant. Although he did not win any awards at the time, he went on to appear in the series of gauzy-gossamer bikini and underwear shows staged sometime back, the precursor of the cocks-and-balls spectacles in seamy bars in present-day Manila.

3 thoughts on “Bronzed and Brazen: Eric Santiago”

  1. This guy Eric posed for my Yahoo Group bout 4 years ago… Last I heard from him, he’s put up a massage place somewhere in QC.

    In fact he’s the last cover on my Yahoo Group now Pare-Pa-Kiss ( )

    He’s called me recently to ask for a shoot of him and his other massage therapists, so eventually I’ll get around to doing another shoot with him and his posse 😉

    -John LX
    PS – to the owner of this blog – great work! 😉

  2. to those interested, you can go to the boys of bora on kamias. he is known as ulyses. you can call at 4330158

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