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Steady Jachin Delovieres

Our Monday guy is Jachin Delovieres, a 20-year-old runner-up at last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas edition. The 6′-tall native of Binmaley, Pangasinan was one of the frontrunners in that year’s contest. Jachin [pronounced as JAY-kin], is a Hebrew word for “he establishes.” Jachin is also the name of one of the bronze pillars of the temple of Solomon.
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  1. ang lakas ng appeal nya..although simple lang ang body nya..stunning ang over all appearnce nya..yummy ang nipples sarap ng bulbol nya na naghehello sa see thru trunks nya..hehehe..

  2. muy simpatico! i like his pinoy looks…in person, jachin grows sexier as you stare at him longer, from head-to-crotch-to-foot, then back to crotch. incidentally, that ginoo video showing him and the other contestants in white cock-hugging trunks is a sell-out!

  3. i love this guy… di naman kagwapuhan, di rin yata conventionally cute. pero may appeal talaga, i can’t point out what, why or how.

  4. KAGWAPUHAN is a noun, not an adjective.

    it’s the same thing that most people say “isang kababaihan” or “tatlong kalalakihan” when kababaihan and kalalakihan are collective nouns. nakakaasar kasi, parang dumudugo ang tainga ko kung nakakarinig ako ng ganito. si noli de castro isa sa mga may sala nito dahil siya ang nagpauso ng ganitong baluktot na pananalita. FYI lang po mga kaibigan.

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