Whatever happened to Denver Olivarez?

After his failed bid at the Mister Philippines contest, current Ginoong Pilipinas titleholder Denver Olivarez [Dennis Barrion in the real word] just seems to be inactive these days, away from the beckoning foot lights of showbiz. Before winning the national pageant, Den was a law student at the Ateneo, with an undergraduate course in Math from the Loyola campus of the same university. Now, he appeared bent on making a mark in the biz, but his best friend Piolo-copy Rico Lazaro seems to be getting all the projects.

13 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Denver Olivarez?”

  1. TALAGAAAAHHH!?????? taga ateneo itich? at law student pa? wow. akala ketch promdi na pahads, pa callboy callboy on the side~~~ which is typical of low class male models joining male beauty pageantz…

  2. He did an indie movie “Ataul For Rent” be showing this Nov7.
    It has been rated A by the CEB. It’s got a great lineup of stars (jacklyn jose, joel torre, pen medina, irma adlawan, coco martin). Gotta see it.

  3. AU NATUREL, a rare commodity now in the age of tweezing, shaping, and shaving. an extraordinary ore in the open minefield. lucky for those who find them. now let’s begin the bidding. 10k? C’EST BON MON AMI.

  4. Tigilan na nga yang mga 10k na bidding na iyan. Hindi ito Christie’s at ang mga tumitingin sa blog na ito ay hindi mga chairmen ng telecom companies, no. Majority are still guys with some education and profession with modest-to-good salaries. These guys can get great sex with great guys for 1k or less, if they have the right contact and will treat their partners well.

  5. WOW! an LLB. is something to cover his rear end when cash is not coming in anymore from dropping his front fender.

  6. DenvER… ER na ER ang dating! lol.

    that’s meant as a compliment ha… I’m sure mabangong mabango ang pubes nya… natural, unshaved men are sooooo yummy.

  7. if he’s from ateneo na super mahal ng tuition, I don’t think he needs the money kaya hindi magpapahada yan sa kung sino sino. Fame are target nya for joining those pageants, not money. so kung magpapahada yan, malamang sa mga talent managers lang.

  8. to anonymous nov 3 (7:03 AM) –
    the fact of the matter is that this blog 1/3 fun, 1/3 lie and 1/3 bitter-bitch-fag talk. reality is never an issue. do not take it seriously but take every reading with a grain of salt. how do you think JK Rowlings made her billions? so relax and enjoy ka lang INDAY.

  9. this guy drips with sex, sex, sex. ohh, look at that bulge! i have watched his ginoo video over and over and he still sears! where is he now?

  10. he doesn’t need the money dahil taga ateneo sha… well, unless galing sa bulsa ng mga matrona at bading ang pambayad nya ng Ateneo Tuition in the first place. hihihi

    he may be an Atenean, but he doesn’t look like one. PSBA pwede pa 🙂

  11. our minds have been so programmed that when one says he is an atenean, he should possess a certain air or look that befits upper class upbringing. denver does not fit the cut of an atenean we have in mind, and so we downgrade him to a certain level, like he looks like someone from psba. that’s unfair stereotyping.

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