May Day!

It’s International Workers’ Day or Labor Day today – a holiday in celebration of the economic and social achievements of workers. Which means, it is a day to commemorate the struggles of, and at the same time pay tribute to employees, workers and other –ers, who are constantly toiling for honest pay. On this marked date, the working classes in a number of countries have found different and new ways to express their angst and joys. In our site, the expression is one of joy a.k.a. Golden.

6 thoughts on “May Day!”

  1. Ang mga corrupt na government officials ang tunay na mang-aagaw ng lakas, hindi tayong mga bakla.

  2. haaayyy…itong pic na ito ang pagpaparausan ko ngayong Mayo uno…ahihi…

    sarap himurin ng bulbol nito…kakabaliw!!!

  3. hey armpit lover, did you know na madaming corrupt politicos na closet queens. usually pag ang politician nag hold ng bikini contest sa lugar niya, sigurado bading yan. ask the talents and they all agree………..

  4. Wait, wait, wait, Anonymous (May 2, 2008 9:51 PM). There are corrupt straight politicians and there are corrupt gay politicians. Ang hanapin natin ay iyung good gay politicians. Itigil na natin ang pag-alipusta sa isang bad politico na siya’y isang bakla, o closet queen, dahil ito’y pandagdag na kasiraan lamang sa mga tulad natin. Di ba ang mga homophobes, pag galit sila sa gay, sinasabi nila, “Bakla kasi” o kaya “Bakla pala, kaya pala.” Let’s not feed on their prejudice. As much as possible, let us not associate gender with a person or a public official’s badness.

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