Exotic: Hamudi Khileifat

Summer’s definitely here, and it’s the time for bikini contests featuring boys who want to have a shot at their 15 minutes of half-naked fame. One of them is half-Jordanian, half-Filipino Hamudi Khileifat, who first appeared in the infamous All Out series, before he had a falling out with his handlers. The 19-year-old is now a freelance model, usually for bikini shows and contests around the metro.

6 thoughts on “Exotic: Hamudi Khileifat”

  1. i love hamudi. di nga lang makinis ang face pero nakakabusog naman. the guy has lots of attitude which i find fun and exciting. a rough i dont care attitude which was attractive. yummie

  2. whattaname… HAMUDi

    mukha nga masarap hamudin tong half-jordanian na to. hehe. ang lusog lusog ng nipples. what can you say, demure?

    i noticed absent ka ata the past few entries dito. siguro nasa bora ka, or some other summer destination… hehhe

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