Seems like I never get tired….

…looking at Harold Pineda photos. In the advent of the Internet, pictures of a naked Harold on top of a small building in Cubao, Quezon City were splashed all over the most popular Filipino gay Yahoo group then. It was such gay gladdening. Remember, it was an era not used to naked Filipino men – the local gay rags then were still in the drawing boards and the movies did not feature much guys in the buff. Harold Pineda, the Ginoong Pilipinas ’98 winner, in some ways, helped pave the way for Filipino men to just tear everything off, down to their skivvies or otherwise. For art’s sake. That’s what I’m thinking so.

3 thoughts on “Seems like I never get tired….”

  1. this is great rd, kudos to you, I love this guy so much, hope you get other photos of him, specially the naked ones he was the hottest bold dude ever grace the screen, Pinoy na pinoy ang dating…

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