Vote for Haroun!

I bought tinapa [smoked fish] today from the Salcedo Saturday Market and along came Haroun Morales, stuck in the dank newspaper fish-wrap. I thought I’ll just share his photos published in the Philippine Star a few days ago. Besides, it might just be a reminder for me to thump for Haroun again, this time in the Be Bench – Be Anonymous or Be Famous Model Search. The Grand Finals Night will be on Tuesday at the Araneta Coliseum, where Haroun is up against two other gorgeous lads. To vote for Haroun, text BVote Ron and send to 2366.

7 thoughts on “Vote for Haroun!”

  1. When i saw his pic sabi ko may hawig sya but when i check the older posts using his tag, confirmed! Di ako nagkakamali may guys4men account siya. He uses the same event (mossimo) pic in his g4m profile.

  2. he’s a model, and his photos are all over the papers. anybody can use it for whatever they wanted to, be it in a friendster account or that guys4men account. there are a lot of posers in this world. don’t be so stupid!

  3. nakasama ko sya sa isang hotel room, yep for real but it was for a party with our common friend… he’s friendly and not homophobe and he has a lot of gay friends.. i wonder why though..

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