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Ginoong Magayon

Relative to the Harry Chua post yesterday, someone sent recent photos of the Ginoong Magayon 2009 contest, a male personality contest held every year during the Magayon Festival of Albay Province. Harry was one of the contestants and most-watched. Unfortunately, just like in the Mr. Albay 2004 contest, he did not get the title. Harry is, I think no. 15 in the pictures. The proclaimed winner was the one in the red tie.
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  1. eh ang taba pa naman kasi nya noh, haller. dapat nag work out muna ng todo bago sumabak. pero willing pa rin aketch makipag-do sa kanya basta afford. hahaha

  2. where’s the sun? baka naman naka shades din ang judges kaya medyo “nabulagan” sila sa katotohanan… wahahahaha!!! nakita ko yung face pics ng lahat ng contestants… sa totoo lang, si harry lang talaga ang may dating sa kanila. yung iba parang “for compliance” lang na may maipadalang representative yung kanilang munisipyo… hahaha…

  3. i understand they are pretending to wear formal attire, with matching necktie… eh tama ba namang mag red necktie? with matching red-rimmed sunglasses? ano yun, formal attire sa peryahan?

  4. by the way, necktie ba yung red? parang table napkin kasi na nilagay sa dibdib para hindi matapunan ng sabaw!

  5. No. 11 in red tie is the winner!!!i watched the pageant and no. 11 is really appealing in personal and no. 14 the one beside harry is the 1st runner up!!!!he is also a tv personality and included in the sitcom idol ko si cap!!!!i think harry lost because of the Q&A portion!!! he got the ginoong turismo title!!!!!

  6. i agree that he’s a bit chubby, un ang problema sa kanya but face wise he’s the one who really oozes with sex appeal, sayang talaga.

  7. Bakit pa sya sumali eh artista na sya? Matindi ba talaga ang pangangailangan mga ateh? Come to tita joey…

  8. buti namn hindi nanalo c harry chua aka harry laurel… di xa deserving manalo.. tingnan mo namn ung talent nya yuck!!! puro xa pakyut.. nauuna pa ung second voice kesa sa boses nya.. duh!? damn!!!.. actuslly di namn xa kagwapuhan.. no.11 MICHAEL WEE is d winner.. gwapo namn tlga xa inperson matangkad pa.. may pagka suplado nga lang.. galing namn niya sa Q and A kesa kay harry di xa nakasagot hahaha

  9. if you have something to show,then GO! ..IF U think you have NONE!then dont! just HIDE and continue hiding FOREVER! GO HARRY GO! SHOW WHAT YOU’VE GOT.YOU’RE STILL THE BEST

  10. hindi po suplado si michael wee/ mikwee

    ang bait nga nya eh

    cguro strong personality lang, pero mabait xa, kakatuwa nga mga txts nya wid kikiel (brother nya) hehe

  11. FYI: Ginoong Albay 2009 Michael Wee – a registered nurse, who also owns his small business. First Runner-up is equally handsome, Richard Herher…both really deserved to win because of their charm and wit that complemented their sexy bodies.

  12. Mr. Harry Chua got the G. Magayon Turismo, though he ranked 6th during the finals..he was awarded the title because the 5th placer was not from Albay Province.

  13. Ginoong Albay in red tie..1st Runner up number 14…Me. Richard Herher…supah delectable Bicolano HUNK..he is studying in Manila.

  14. yahh i agree michael wee is handsome inperson… actually skulmate ko xa sa divine.. he’s very handsome… maraming nagkakagusto saknya… xa pa nga ang campus crush nun weh.. atsaka xa ang nanalo sa boy next door contest nun…

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