Hataw! [Super Bodies 2007]

[ Dexter Castro]

[l-r: Athlas Gonzales, Andro Morgan and Bob Dhaliwal]

[l-r: Kiko Montenegro, James Ereza, James Carlos, Christopher Villarba]
[l-r: Borgy Trinidad,Patrick Rivera, Paolo Angeles, Mark Santos]
[l-r: Leighton Galzote, Kish McBride, Ray Anthony Ablan, Regal Lopez]]

[l-r: Ron Allen Nuestro, Ryan Dungo, Sandre Santos]

Someone once asked me if the bikini open contests really meant having to open the bikini during the contest. I’m hoping so. And then again, you’ll have to deal with the morality police and government authorities for that [unless you are in a bar in Timog Avenue or Amoranto St.]. Which brings us to why I have so many photos here. I got these in my email from toro_entertainment02@yahoo.com and these are the contestants in the Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open 2007, now on its second year [last year’s winner was Racel Matic]. There are some notable contestants like Dexter Castro [2nd RU last year], Andro Morgan [winner of the Mr. Aura 2007 of Bar Uno, did frontal nudity in a bikini show], Kiko Montenegro [one of the 2007 Calendar Boys, notorious for going all the way, sans jockeys], Patrick Rivera [one of the Kouros Male Model Search contestants], and Ryan Dungo [apparently a younger brother of controversial model Randolph Dungo]. The contest will be held at the Metro Bar on 19 April 2007, along West Avenue, Quezon City.

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