Heavenly Bodies

According to UPH, it’s called an intimate apparel fashion show, featuring colorful underthings. Heavenly Bodies is a series of shows that presented more than 20 male and female models in rich and chromatic “intimate things.” It was such a crowd puller, the venue – held at the vast Metro Bar along West Avenue in Quezon City – was filled to the rafters.

9 thoughts on “Heavenly Bodies”

  1. Lol! I wanna give a backhanded slap to the “designers”, wow, pwede nang maraid ang mga events na ganito. It saddens me that they make the models wear trash.

  2. Is his penis pointing up or down? The problem is that it looks like a baby mouse right after delivery. Imbes na ma-el ka sa nakadungaw na pinkish flesh, you keep wondering bakit kaya ganun ang korte? Instead of lust, one is overcome with curiosity.

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