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Bring it on!

Happy Birthday Site!

One Year ago—jots what?
God—spell the word! I—can’t—
Was’t Grace? Not that—
Was’t Glory? That—will do—
Spell slower—Glory—

– Emily Dickinson

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  1. Rd,

    Organize ka naman ng bikini contest with hunks featured here as contestants. Am sure, maraming mag sponsor diyan.

    Congrats to your 1st anniversary.

  2. CongratS!! keep them posts coming, leaving us to appreciate just how “gifted” our laand truly is with all these beauty abounding in every corner of our 1,707 islands. (punyetah, pang-binibining pilipinas ang dating, echos!)

  3. RD, why impose ido victor on a cake? might as i try double-clicking the image to magnify that monument between his thighs, i couldn’t! could you repost that same, this time, without the cake, and fully close up, head-to-cock-to-foot? that would have bee a better treat for your first anniversary!

  4. sana di ma blocked d2 sa dubai ang site ni rddantes…. kc ang yahoo group na purititiwang naka blocked kaya di ko na makita ang mga nude pics ng fave pinoy ko… buti nlng di na blocked itong meninthephilippines…
    happy birthday rd…
    goodluck and godspeed..

  5. rd, congratulations! your blog really rocks. please do a feature on victor valerio. just can’t get enough of this guy! thanks.

  6. Im glad I’ve been with you for most of the 12 months. But I have a suggestion. Would you consider getting a new masthead to keep the page fresh? The bus one is looking tired and Im sure you could find a collection of Pinoy hunks to display across the top. Or, if you really want to keep the bus, cut back the size, trimming the trees and building and removing the traffic. I think the image far too large as it takes up half my screen. Just a thought. Ian

  7. fav ko yang si Ido Victor.mukhang sya ang best bet mo sa lahat.pangarap ko ngang makita sya in full glory dito,kaso maliit lang ang pic nya.Can you post a bigger pic of him in naked?
    Congrats to your site and welcome to your new one.

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