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The Necktie

R. was in a panic earlier this morning: somehow, he couldn’t get to fix his necktie right. He had one of those pretty expensive and slim [are they still in vogue?] drab gray ties, which, admittedly are really difficult to knot. So, while experimenting on the Windsor, Half-Windsor or four-in-hand knots, I finally was able to tie it right. And, remembering that tie episode earlier, I thought I will just have to share this photo of James Torres, 28 years old and 5’8″-tall, with a, uh, necktie.

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  1. pi notoshop ba head nya, i mean ulo, i mean yung ulo sa itaas ng leeg? Parang weird kc dating when i closed up d pix, hehehe.

    Thats a nice tie to wear sa office, hehehe. Very formal, naka tie lang, bwahaha! cheers!

  2. parang malungkot ata ang face niya. Hmmmm…. binayaran kaya siya ng photographer? pero bonggaciousdelicious ang budi nya ha, if not for the face. baka naman mas cute siya sa ibang photos, please please please tito RD…..

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