Roxxxanne is the title of the new digital feature flick megged by Ricardo Lee-clone, Jun Lana. The indie movie, scheduled for a limited-theater release in July, stars Sheree, Janvier Daily and surprise, twinkie Jay Aquitania, as a closeted teenager “who is not as innocent as he claims to be.”

Jay Aquitania is the younger brother of Bench underwear model and tv’s token dufus, Antonio Aquitania. Seventh in a brood of nine, he was born in Angeles City on 2 February 1980. His first movie was the creative Spiderman-on-acid movie, Gagamboy [this movie incidentally won awards in international fantasy film festivals]. He rose to fame via the GMA 7 fantasy top-rater, Mulawin. With bated breath, many are waiting for this twinkie to turn legal and follow his older brother’s underwear photoshoots.

One thought on “Roxxxanne!”

  1. alam mo yang kasama ni aquitana, parang wala namang ganang umarte. maghubad na lang siya.

    – tiririt

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