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Happy V Day!

Happy Singles Awareness Day, as some would put it. A day of exchanging roses and boxes of chocolate can cause feelings of loneliness for singles. But celebrate anyways. Stay home nekkid, drink wine, smoke cigarettes and buy red roses for yourself, just like what Jay-M Rodriguez is doing [23 years old, part-time model, bikini open contestant]. It wouldn’t be too much of a hassle, what with the traffic and the crowd outside. After all, February 14 is just another day.
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  1. mukhang kinuha ng maniniyot ang picture mula sa loft.. mmm sound like some rich guy to me hehehe.

    i really do not like people complaining abut being single on valentine’s. nakokornihan talaga ako sa mga nagmumukmok na kunwari walang kasama, ka-date, or mga nagsusuot ng itim, or sa mga masyadong ginagawang fuzz ang valentine’s. we have 365 days in a year and why dedicate only one day for setting dates, dinner, or being with your love one?!?!

    in christmas, you have 365 days to celebrate faith.

    in valentine’s, if your lvoe be true, you have 365 days too to celebrate love. geesh.

  2. Agree ako kay Jansen about Valentine pronouncements here in the Philippines. Bakit Feb. 14 lang. Para doon sa mga nag-uumapaw ang pagmamahal, pwedeng 365 days in a year magpapakita ng pag-ibig, di ba? Hehehe.

    Pero maihahanay ko si Jay sa the sexiest and moat handsome of the Viva Hot Men. Ganda niya. Parang napakakinis ng kutis. Yummy.

  3. i was about to have it with jm 2 years ago, until one day, his “manager” intercepted my call and called me names..well, i retorted “dahlin’, you can have his cock and plssss, jab it hard to your lungs and southern orifice hahaha.. how should call it, “coitus interruptus? hahaha

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