Hey Jay!

Hey Jay! How was your day? That’s Jay Santos again, if you guys don’t mind the posting. He appeared as the mysterious model in the latest issue of Frontman magazine, and from then on, there have been requests [next to that Ram Ace person] to post more photos of him. So far, I haven’t gathered any info yet about the model, and for now, he will remain as the enigmatic naked guy.

11 thoughts on “Hey Jay!”

  1. walang bida kung walang contrabida. so sige, kontrahin nyo pa ang pic ni jay.

    anyway, this is the 3rd feature on jay. he gets better and better with the newer posts. this is his yummiest. thanks rd!

  2. true labakara yan!very obvious…look at his other picture w/ blue trunks,ala naman bulge na ganyan kalaki…

  3. hmmm I wanted to elieve its true pero ung mga comments nyo says otherwise hehehe neutral na lang ako go ram ace parin

  4. haha! labakara pala! kung tunay yon na bulge, e di na trace din yung glans penis dun sa brief! pero ang yummy yummy nya hir!!!

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