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Jayson Coming

Remember Jayson Colis of the long-gone Viva Hotmen group? Well, he is back, at least in this site, when he was sighted in some small fashion show some time ago. He was called “the hottest Viva Hotmen member” back then when the group was just starting. Fresh from his win at the 2002 Ginoong Pilipinas pageant, this now-27-year-old hunk was immediately cast in the sexy boy-group. He did a couple of direct-to-video soft-porn flicks for Viva, and the last time we saw his nekkid 6′-frame was in the Coco Martin starrer, Masahista, as one of the masseurs.
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  1. beautiful chest…
    id have him pound me in the arse, that would make my day-and night…hahaha.
    Not too cute, but the body is to die for…

  2. Jayson is the hottest Viva Hotmen member nga! Sya pinakamaganda katawan sa kanilang lahat. Mukha pang malinis tingnan.

  3. He is soo cute. i remember seeing him noon sa isang Cavite show. Ang tangkad at ang gwapo nya. Iba talaga ang presence nya.

  4. mukhang di pantay ang chest sa angle ng shot.pero masarap nga ang chest nya though abs need a workout plus the arms

  5. parang ito ba yung guy sa manila scanda video? malaki utin nya kung ganun…at magaling magiyutan at sumupsop ng puki ito…

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