Vintage Sunday

He’s one of the most visible actors of the flesh-and-pump variety in the 90s. Back then, Juan Carlos “JC” Castro was the quintessential lead actor who can easily drop his pants and jockeys in a sexy flick. When the demand for soft porn films waned, he went into producing shows and dirrrty little calendars with nekkid men in it [Calendar Boys]. And then he disappeared from the limelight.

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  1. ito ang julaki na nagpakabog sa dibdib ni melissa mendez. eto rin ang ohtokong naging silent partner o may ari ng ohtoko gay bar sa may sta mesa. eto rin ang sholbum na naging manager (aka bugaw) ng mga calendar boys na sina maico (na ngayon ay mas kilalang tito jo ng lihim ni antonio) at eto rin ang papasan ng maraming hosto na nakapag japan nun kasagsagan ng mga japayukis at hostos sa bansang hapon.

  2. thanks RD!!!

    Grabe, ngayon ko lang nakita ang pic na ito sa dinami-dami ng pics ko ni JC.

    He’s my ultimate fantasy back then. Bili agad ako ng chika-chika basta andun siya kahit small article lang.

    Maybe if I was of legal age already and earning very well, in-offeran ko siyang magsama kami…. Too bad, I was only in high school and still in the closet when he was doing his skin flicks.

    Sana ngayon na lang siya nagbold….

  3. Naloka ako kay JC recently! For a few years now he’s very active in his church as bible preacher … and yet available pa rin pala sya…

  4. Aamin ako nung ako’y nagdadalaga pa lamang, si JC Castro ang isa sa mga lalaking pumukaw sa aking pagkababae! Tumambling ako nung nakita ko ang siyang shirtless sa isa sa mga shows sa tv. Simula noon naging laman na siya ng aking mga makamundong pantasya! Hahahaha

  5. any updates Re: JC whereabouts ? i still have the urge for this guy…

    Next:pls feature Emil Sandoval.

    Thank you RD!

  6. Hello there! Does anybody know kung nagpapabooking na rin si JC. I know that his “contemporaries” ay nagpapabooking na rin e. I got Anton Bernardo for a small fee 😉

  7. FILL IN THE BLANK…prior to the net kaboom and Pinoy TV on cable, spending my early life in America created a burrow, losing track of what was going on in Pinas (including showbiz who’s hot stuff). now i feel that your “Vintage Sunday” post is filling in the pothole of my lost years. lessons in history perhaps, yes…REGRET? not quite.

  8. Anonymous
    September 12, 2010 2:01 PM

    Hello there! Does anybody know kung nagpapabooking na rin si JC. I know that his “contemporaries” ay nagpapabooking na rin e. I got Anton Bernardo for a small fee 😉
    By “small fee,” how much? Contact number ni Anton?

  9. Haay…High School days…I remember hiding Chika Chika Mags under my bed!…I would like to see these guys soon…Zoltan Amore, Dante Gomez, Leandro Baldemor, Alison VII, Roi Rodrigo, Alberto De Esteban and Rufus Morellos!!!

  10. saw him in baguio last summer, in the market place buying those pasalubong, looks old and not that gorgeous anymore, was wearing jog pants and tshirt, he was with 2 old gays maybe directors or columnist, the gays were paying for his expenses…he looks nice though he even smiled.

  11. sana nxt time namheen si papa jr valentin, tonton guttierrez, carlos morales, ian veneracion meron din. lurveh it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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