Who’s been had?

JV Roxas [left] and Joeffrey Javier

Familiar storyline: two guys, feeling exploited, approach the self-styled investigative shows on tv and do a tell-all. JV Roxas and Joeffrey Javier were on Channel 7’s Imbestigador last week, complaining about the insertion of footage [behind-the scenes] of their naked photo shoot for their direct-to-video Masahe M2M. The extra footage was supposedly added as a come-on for buyers of the instructional video. The thing is, the boys were shown being photographed au naturel. And they are complaining. I’m not so sure about this but I think GMA 7 has a competent Legal Division, Imbestigador has intelligent writers and segment producers, and the producers of Masahe M2M are just astute. This story falls under the “Things That Make You Go Hmm” section.

11 thoughts on “Who’s been had?”

  1. well, when d dvd was released, i did grab me a copy (though i already have a vcd of it) since d DVD usually have additional footage of things. d 30+ mins of raw pictorial footage sizzles compared to what u posted here! Just hope d kids where given enough compensation though (hehehe) and more projects! Will this boost d sales of d dvd version???

  2. His “titi” is just that… a penis, same as what other guys have. Nothing notably out of the ordinary.

  3. mr glob owner.. anong contest po yan kung saan naked si geof? can you paste more pictures bout that contest? and the pictures of some other contestanst too? how bout ung tropical bodies n boylets? where can i find po ung mga photos dun?

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