Hot Men in the Philippines

Wednesday Miscellany

Time for your contributions. The boys are all here!
Alex Castro has flat buttocks

Model John Daryl Rose ushers in the new year in dots.

One-half of the twin towers, David Semerad is smokin’!

While Dennis Trillo is rockin’!

Will JC de Vera‘s dying career get a new boost?
Bit player Johan Santos should do more baring.

June Macasaet has gone terribly blonde.

That boy with Mark HerrasKristofer Martin has full hunk potential.

Sexy-bulgey even in shorts, our boy Martin del Rosario.

Will Rafael Rosell drop the towels soon?

Yeah, crazy-abs Sam Ajdanii.

Our favourite boy, Sebastian Castro is totally naked!

Prince Stefan is back on tv!
(Watch Madam Chairman on TV5 prime time)
Fir pitlovers, singer Young JV shows some good stuff.
And then there’s this guys who looks just like ….. 

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  1. RE:
    Anonymous said…
    There’s very few good-looking drool-worthy guys in the Philippines.

    Wednesday, 15 January, 2014

    Actually maraming gwapo sa Pilipinas, masyado lang fixated ang mga Pinoy sa foreign beauty. Must be part of the colonial mentality or that “to each his own” or something.. Just saying.. 🙂

  2. Rumor has it that Johan Santos is gifted down there. How true? Is he into the booking scene? Kasi rumor has it din na when he was still a waiter, some clients were able to take him out.

  3. There’s very few good-looking drool-worthy guys in the Philippines.

    >>O ayan ka na naman. Makes me wonder what you’re doing lurking in this website. Getting your Pinoy fix? Don’t lie to me! HarHarHar…

  4. Lol halata ko rin na malaki burat nyangsi Johan Santos Pbb daydays palang. Laging bakat eh. Sarap ding himurin ng kilikili at utong ng gago!

  5. I always imagine Young JV roughly pounding Sam Concepcion. The likes wherein Sam would peep in Young JV while he’s changing then JV sees him then goes into wild sex. Sam first likes it but JV’s too rough.

  6. HOnga sino ang Paolo na sinasabi mo?

    Si Paolo Avelino
    Si Paolo Balesteros
    Si Paolo Contis
    Si Paolo Paraiso
    O baka naman si Piolo Pascual
    o kaya naman si Polo Ravales ????

    SINO TEH?????

  7. John Daryl Rose would have been smoking hot if the pair of briefs he wears is made of mesh material without lining. 🙂

    Love love love…

    Krizzy Kabeki

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