John and Ron

The finalists of Be Bench – John James Uy and Haroun “Ron” Morales pose together in their skivvies. John James is knee-deep in tv shows on ABS-CBN, as he is being groomed as the third wheel of a popular loveteam. Haroun, the brooding one, is also seen in the network’s soaps and sitcoms. Although they failed to get the top prize in the Be Bench Model Search, both have been getting better exposures than ultimate winner Carlo Guevara. Both are also more daring in their publicity shots.

9 thoughts on “John and Ron”

    from what mag ito.
    parang cover ata ito ng???
    nakita ko passing through magazine stand kaso di ko nakita kung anong mag ito???

  2. oo nga ateng. anong magazine ba itech? sinuyod ko glorietta at pati na rin landmark. hindi ko siya nakita. umuwi tuloy si bakla na sad peanut. hahaha! 😀

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