The Be Bench boys in briefs

Who’s the hottest? The top three boys at the Be Bench: Be Famous or Be Anonymous Model Search finally reveal themselves in Bench underwear. Ultimate winner Carlo Guevara [middle] surprisingly looks trim and fit despite his boyish mien. Brooding runner-up Haroun “Ron” Morales [left], a Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 alumnus, is the hot stuff. And eliminee John James Uy [right], who was the front-runner during the weekly eliminations but got waylaid during the finals night, is showing some promise with his boy-next-door demeanor. So, who’s the hottest of them all?

16 thoughts on “The Be Bench boys in briefs”

  1. haroun morales has no appeal whatsover……he is so bland and has got to have the flattest ass ive seen in a guy……….

  2. parang baklita yang si carlo… pics pa lang naaamoy ko na ang matres, lalo na kapag gumagalaw na…

    for choor kaya nagpapayat para maka getlash ng boys.

  3. Hot twinkies! For the body, it’s Carlo. I think he’s my idol, kasing taba ko rin siya nung una, and I’m stuggling to lose weight. (You know na!) And look at him now! Dati ang taba niya…and now. Wow! I wonder why wala siyang stretch marks? Siguro nagpa Belo siya. Siyempre rich sila and I’ve already seen his brother in person. He’s a looker! Gwapo din. Pero magkaiba sila ng kagwapuhan.

  4. trueness ang mga sisterhood na mga judgeness. ganda ng register ni bunsong carla sa pictureskah. ron could have flashed his smile more during the contest and that could have tilted things towards his favor. kaso, brooding-brooding ang drama ng ditche. hayun, nasulot ng dalaginding ang libreng balur. sayang.

  5. hi carlo!!!ang gwapo mo sana u can kiss me in my…ang sweeet sana magkaka totoo yun i love u…its a good post for me and u are hansome…it gives u an attractment to ur view…love u…mwah….

  6. Sa kanilang tatlo … Si Ron ang pinakamasarap … ang titi niya bukol na bukol … katawan pa lang ulam na …

    Si john ok din ,,, pwede na ,,,

    si carlo, favorite ko yan nung una kaso lately napansin ko parang bading … inuring na siguro siya ni ben chan …

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