Andrew Smith wins 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit

[Andrew Smith, winner]

[John Lopez, 1st RU]
[Al Galang, 2nd RU]
UPH was disappointed. Not just disappointed but devastated-disappointed. Aside from the fact that his bets Adrian Racho and Kim Gantioqui did not even make it to the semis of the Mossimo-Bikini Summit 2007, which we attended earlier, the boy who won was rather, er, fat. Relatively, that is, as there were far more abs-laden male contestants there. The annual bikini-fest proclaimed as male division winner, the chunky Andrew Smith, who had gorgeous facial features and pear-shaped bod [notwithstanding the bulge, the bulge!]. Pageant veteran, the contrived John Lopez was a near-miss at the first runner-up position while huge-crotched Al Galang landed second runner-up honors. More photos coming up soon.

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