John Miller for two nights!

Newsflash: The shy Provoq guy, John Miller is headlining a show tonight and tomorrow night [28 and 29 November] at the bar formerly known as Lips [near LRT-2 J. Ruiz Station along Aurora Blvd in San Juan, M.M.].  It will be two revealing nights at the bar as John Miller – who changes the color of his eyes in six different hues consistent with his moods – strips to the bare necessities and the standard Lips gear, e.g. beads and sheer fabric.  Just watch the shows, guys, and see how transparent our Provoq man can get! Show starts at 11 p.m.!

10 thoughts on “John Miller for two nights!”

  1. first ko makapunta dun sa likod ng lips bar. nag enjoy ako kasi nandun si John Miller. Pero sa mga dancer hindi ako nag enjoy. Pumunta ako dun dahil kay JOhn Miller. SUlit yung biayad ko.

  2. Anonymous said…

    RD gusto ko sana punta kaso wala me kasama, mukha naman me tanga pag me lang 1 diba!!!
    Show nalang some photos of the event sana dick a day category!!!

    txt me, i want to go din, not because of john miller it’s because i want to experience being there..

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