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What’s this I heard about the Johnron moving over to Macau to work in a bar there?  Shades of a story of Harry doing Asia’s Gambling Capital, huh? But then again, someone’s going to share the Johnron’s career move soon and for now this is a promo for a movie:  Now showing at the Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Isetann Recto, Grand Central Gotesco Commonwealth, Remar and ABC Guadalupe, Love Birds is a light gay comedy starring Joseph Izon and a Puerto Rican hunk.  Also the Johnron is one of the actors in the cast and I’m sure there are some scenes in there where he gets to … just watch the movie, guys.  It’ll be fun.
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  1. Okay. Eto ang tsinismis sakin tungkol sa Macau Macau na yan. (Nilalagay ko na TSIMIS kasi kinwento lang sa akin.)

    Ang contact ng mga model para sa Macau ay yung manager na si Boni Mercado. Siya yung manager ni Merick Lumagui na nanalo sa Kouros 2006 at Subic Beach Bodies 2008. Siya rin yung manager ni Brent Baldeo na nanalo sa Subic Beach Bodies 2007.

    Si Boni rin ang isa sa mga organizer nung fashion show sa may Sapang Palay, Bulacan kung saan nagsama-sama sina Johnron Tañada, Gabz del Rosario, Jeff Surio, Leover Reyes, Marco Maristela, etc. May pinost pa ngang pic si RD na kuha sa baranggay hall na ginawang dressing room para sa fashion show.

    Ang mga unang model na nagtrabaho sa disco/bar sa Macau ay sina MJ Santos, Michael Hoo, Niño Roco, Bembol Cabasal, etc. Sumunod sina Edgardo (o Eduardo ba?) Bunagan, Brent Baldeo, Marco Maristela, etc.

    Ang chismis, kaya pupunta si Johron dun ay para palitan si Marco Maristela na bumalik o pabalik na sa Pilipinas.

  2. To Anonymous Dec. 12, 2008, 8:38 pm

    Ang pinost ni Anonymous Dec. 12, 2008, 6:23 pm ay “para palitan si Marco Maristela na bumalik o pabalik na sa Pilipinas”. In short, kung bumalik na nga si Marco sa Pilipinas eh di maibu-book mo nga siya last week.

  3. I saw him here in Fitness First Singapore last month. At first I’m not sure who he was coz he was sitting and I thought quite short. When I saw him outside there I realize that it was him. He was with a bunch of females. I prefer him on screen rather than in person. Hindi sya ganon ka gwapo in person.

  4. To “Anonymous” (Dec. 12, 8:38PM), please send me the contact no. of Marco Maristela and the rest, try ko siya i-book please. Btw, this is Ferdie.

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