Dear JP..

You did send me these photos of Batanes-born Jolo eight years ago, immediately after the photo shoot by – if I remember right, Sany C. You were even hyping this kid then as an Ivatan taking up Fine Arts  at the University of the East. And how you were excitedly casting him in a porn video for peanuts. Now, you remember me? So, you see, it is not possible – as you would skewedly like to believe, that UPH and I are one and the same person. UPH was just a wee bit of a teenager then, fantasizing about Anton, Harold and Rodel.  Stop threatening and harassing UPH just because he helped publicize – through his email – my new domain a couple of months back in the Yahoo groups. I know you hate this site to the lowest pits of hell, but spare UPH from all your fishwife venom.  Again, UPH and I are not one and the same person. Tell you what: I know someone whose recent tacky-bikini-and-gaudy-underwear fashion show bombed and whose talent got shown the door at Body Shots 2008. You wouldn’t like to be in that being’s position, would you? Because, as you would love to say over and over again against people you do not like, that is karma.  Way baaaaad!

18 thoughts on “Dear JP..”

  1. di ko maintindihan itong message. what is the issue? para kanino yung message na ito? pasensya na po, di ko lang kasi ma-getz kung ano ang issue and with whom?

  2. i cant relate to the letter? who’s JP? …. nevermind.. dont care…

    amazing size… i know the feeling… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Inunahan ako ni Anonymous (May 7, 2008 1:54 PM) sa pagsabi ng exactly the same thing. Ano ‘to, equivalent ng private joke, pero private war? Readers will be confused.

    Ang malinaw lang ay ang kamangha-manghang kargada ng “model.” My goodness, his dick belongs to the realm of legend. Paano kaya pag tumigas iyan? Mahihiya ang isang kabayo. Di lang iyan deep throat. Deep aesophagus?

  4. …why lose your kewl over someone not even worth it. The fact that he frequents your site shows only that indeed “fan” mo lang cya.
    Kaiinis noh, ka-cheapan lang to waste your time and energy on some1 like that. Pakshet cya!
    Go, go, go, RD!
    At JP: Manigas ka! pretend ka pa, eh numero uno ka namang basura! hmp!…baho!

  5. oh dear war ba? sana nmn these pix r posted not bcoz u h8 one person and para makaganti, may i post u ds pix here..i hope not..
    amazing dick’s size!! i can hardly believe he is pinoy from Batanes! ganyan ba usual sizes ng mhen don? hhmmmm..mka rampa nga one tym don.. these pix serves as a tourist promotions sa mga gays na dumayo sa tuktok ng pilipinas…

  6. Nakakaloka, RD pero: bakit ka inaaway ni Pelgone?

    Naaalala ko ang lalaking ito, na-feature ito sa Coverboy Magazine dati…At nakita ko minsang nag-MRT ako, mga 2 to 3 years ago ata. Either sa MRT or sa church…

    Wala lang.

    Just wanna say that you have my support, RD. If it matters any.


  7. magkaaway ba kayo ni jerome pelgone,rd???? just becoz of what you wrote about that show of his sa metro ba yun na nakalimutan ko na ang title???balasubas ba talaga sya at di nagbabayad ng models o binabarat to the max at kanya pang ibinubugaw????
    by the way nasaan na si DEMURE?????want to read his opinion/s regarding this chenez-chuva na ito!!!
    till now wala pang sumasagot sa tanong ko about lips bar????

  8. If a person becomes a famous celebrity or star, they are usually attacked by the press. Some stars who become legends are mocked by comedians, gay impersonators, etc. There are many blogs that reach the height of their fame. Sprouting like mushrooms are the anti-blogs. The Internet community is unfortunately fast becoming a haven for haters. RD, this only means that your blog is one of the most visited and most frequented (I have to mention frequency to emphasize that there are avid subscribers to your blog like me) gay blogs in the Philippines. Worry not, we support you. Will there not be light without darkness, bida without contra-bida, good without evil?

    Isn’t Jolo one of the first few blog entries you have? I don’t get what the well-endowed Jolo has to do with all these. But worry not agan, I am not complaining. I love Jolo too. He is a gift to us. Hehehe. Any updates of the very rare Jolo?

  9. Hello RDDANTES (the moderator)! Sorry pero di yata ma-enlarge yung second pic (upper-right pic)…

    Pwede pong paki-repair? Thanks!

  10. Hay naku, RD. A piece of unsolicited advice. Wag mong sayangin ang oras mo sa mga walang kwentang bakla. Una, in-ingles mo ang message mo sa kanya. Ang tanong. Naintindihan kaya niya? He he he…

    Mabuhay ang site na ito. And more power, RD.

  11. @kamote: pareho na tayong naghahanap kay demure. he was so religious in posting comments and i have to say that he writes elegantly. saang sulok ng southeast asia napunta yun? i get the feeling jetsetter yun eh.

    @anonymous who asked what UPH is: ultimate pinoy hunks – a pinoy gay blog that also features pinoy male models most often, and doesn’t bare it all (unlike this site which is real and raw).

  12. Kumpleto collection ko ng coverboy magazine ni Jerome pelgone…pati body shots atibp….without JP mag.may pang uusapan ba kau ngaun.

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