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Jonathan Mola, sexy movies bit player in the 90s

A friend was asking earlier what “mola” means in Tagalog, and frankly, I can only associate the word with Totoy Mola the movie popularized by Jay Manalo in 1997. In the movie, Jay Manalo played a legendary lover with a huge anatomy. I would hear from then on, that anyone with a super schnitzel would be called “mola.” The dictionary wouldn’t give a hint, a close hint at why “mola” was associated with the penis: it is Latin for millstone, a Central American colorful fabric, an ocean sunfish, and it is the Chinese transcription of Western Yugur mïla, meaning ‘child’ or ‘boy’. An older friend offered some help: apparently, the Tagalog usage came from the frequent referral to the imported thoroughbred [race horse] as kabayong mola. So there goes the connection between horses and the penis. And still, I’m left wondering about “mola”.

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  1. i really thought mola = racehorse, and in the colloquial, mola = hung. sana lang makita ang mola nitong si jonathan mola. more dick-a-days RD!

  2. SCHNITZEL – beaten flattened meat usuallly of veal, pork or lately chicken, breaded and fried. origin is german or austrian (as a dish), italian with tomato sauce and sweet or hot peppers (as a sandwich)…co-relation to “mola” vague and ambiguous… maybe it could be used to describe Ara Mina’s anatomy instead…*****

  3. JON has a bit of similarity with former rapper, ex calvin klein undie model MARKY MARK turned actor MARK WAHLBERG…they both have bodies & looks to die for, and gained notoriety by dropping their drawers… O THE GOOD OL’ 90s.*****

  4. excuse me po.just want to correct that word “MOLA” is came from a spanish word and it means “IMPRESSIVE”.Thanks po.

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