Marimar’s Bodyguard

by: rddantes November 28, 2007 | 11 Comments |
Cast as the ubiquitous bodyguard on primetime tv’s highest-rated series, Marimar, is Joseph Izon, erstwhile teen actor on GMA 7. He used to be on Best Frends [yes, it was spelled that way by Kuya Germs after the demise of That’s Entertainment], then TGIS and the first batch of Click – the afternoon teen shows of GMA way back in the 90s. After doing the movie Hubog [Wretched Lives] in 2001, he seemed to have disappeared into the backlot. Now, we see him every night as the main guard of Marimar also on GMA 7. He is set to appear as one of the lead actors [the other being Sherwin Ordonez – long overdue for the bigtime, if you ask me] in director Roni Bertubin’s latest digital flick, Kurap.
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11 Comments on "Marimar’s Bodyguard"

  1. demure says:

    this guy looks dated. i would have picked Bruno, marvin agustin’s dishy and fashionable technical assistant in marimar. could you post him next, rd? thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    spell chaka…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sa cast party ng “Marimar” sa ibaba ng GMA Network Center Friday evening, to celebrate the show’s success, mas maporma pa itong Marimar’s bodyguard kesa bigger stars ng show. Naka-shades pa mandin, spiky ang hair, at gayak pa-artista. At di mo alam kung suplado o nahihiya. Yes, Demure, Bruno is far more desirable. Also Marky Lopez who showed his butt in an old movie by Joel Lamangan. Please post a picture of his butt shot in that movie, or anything more revealing. Friendly naman siya sa set ng “Marimar” pero tahimik. Tila walang future sa showbiz ang bodyguard ni Marimar.

  4. Anonymous says:

    mas magandang lalaki ang tatay nya sa kanya (a former macho dancer) i shud know kc frend ko ang nagpasok sa dad nya.

  5. demure says:

    Yes, Miss Anonymous (December 1, 2007 12:08 AM). This Bruno is one of the reasons why I watch Marimar – he moves and walks so sexily, nice butt, succulent bulge, at mukhang ang bango bango. Pag kasabay nga niya si Marvin sa eksena, mukhang alalay si Marvin e, who plays the role of a rich businessman sa story e di naman bagay. Of course, like ko rin si Marian Rivera; ewan ko, pero crush ko siya e. Tomboy ata ako? Lol

  6. Anonymous says:

    Type ko siya. Parang ang sarap sarap nyang ummm…. yun na yun.

  7. jcvonnin says:

    parang palaban cia. talaga,dating MD ang dad nya? saan gaybar,kelan to nun 70s o 80s? parang masarap pagsabayin sa kama ang mag-ama,may pinagmanahan ang batang ito,mapagbigay din cguro tulad ng daddy nya.

  8. dexter says:

    mukhang palaban ang isang to. talaga,dating MD ang daddy nya,kelan to nun 70s o 80s,saan gaybar sya nagtrabaho? mukhang masarap pagsabayin ang mag-ama. me pinagmanahan ang batang ito,mapagbigay din kaya siya tulad ng daddy nya?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Demure, pareho yata tayo ng taste! Kaya lang kung magkakilala at magkaibigan tayo baka magkaaway tayo dahil pareho tayo ng pinagnanasahan. And though my wallet is not as thick as yours, malamang, ako mananalo. Hahahaha! Pati si Marian Rivera, crush ko rin. Dalawang tomboy! Ano ba yan!

  10. demure says:

    lesbiana nga tayo anonymous..but if i have a thick wallet, i will use it for marian, not dingdong hehe. and if i have the chance to play the role of marimar, i will suggest na ikaw ang angelika… payag ka ba, anonymous? e sino naman ang gaganap na corazon at fulgoso? Lol

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Demure. Ayaw. Gusto ko, AKO si Marimar. Ikaw na lang si Angelika, sige na. Pero to be honest, di ko type si Dingdong, at lalong di ko type si Marvin. Yuk. Sa ‘yo na lang silang dalawa. Mas gusto ko mga male supporting players, including Bruno. O di naagawan din kita. Hahaha! Di ko rin gaano type Marimar’s bodyguard, pero kung siya ang magyayaya, sino ba naman akong tatanggi. Pero kung si Marvin magyayaya, pag-iisipan ko ng dalawang linggo kung go ako.

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