Turn up the heat!

Sex in the shower
is so overrated, baby.
The space is so tight
there’s no room to move.
So since I can never slip inside,
I’ll just sit here outside
the clear glass door
and watch you rub your body
all over with soap.

– John Solomon, Your Voyeur

That’s Joseph Izon by the shower, in shots fantastic, showing us how to beat the summer heat. Joseph Izon seems to be getting a lot of notice lately, as his home studio has been giving him projects – guest stints, actually, in its shows. Indie movie producers are also eyeing the hunky moreno for their feature flicks. Hopefully, it would be the bare-all kind.

3 thoughts on “Turn up the heat!”

  1. graveh, little totoy joseph did grow up to be some piece of work. ang sarrrappp samahang maligo. CHOZ! pag daan mo sa harap ng bahay namin, leche kah, sasagpangin kitah. LOL

  2. i skipped this entry before because i thought this was another dingdong promo. i looked again and noticed, ay hindi pala si dingdong ang sa unang pic.

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