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Harry takes a dip with Justin

The movie Ang Lalaki sa Parola was certified by Robinsons Mall as the highest-grossing flick shown at the Indiesine cinema at the Galleria branch. It is currently showing at the Robinsons Mall in Manila. From the People’s Journal, published recently, here’s some 411 on Harry:

Harry Laurel shines in the indie film Ang Lalake Sa Parola (The Man In The Lighthouse). Born Harrison Chua on October 18, 1986 to Nestor and Evelyn Chua (the former is a TransCo-Napocor lineman and the latter is a housewife), Harry spent his formative years in the sleepy town of Talisay, Camarines Norte. When he was old enough to study, his parents sent him to C. Villagen Elementary School; when he hit high school he moved on to the Camarines Norte State College of Agriculture.

Unlike some of his contemporaries, he made sure to secure a college degree in BS Marine Transportation from the Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation before embarking on a showbiz career. He describes his pre-showbiz life: “Noon isa akong model na sumasali sa mga male beauty pageant. Basically, doon umiikot ang buhay ko. Mahilig din ako mag-mall kahit walang pera,” he laughs. Asked to elaborate on the latter part of that sentence, he says, “Hiwalay na ako sa mga magulang ko noon at hindi na po ako sa kanila umaasa, kasi alam ko na kaya kong mabuhay nang hindi umaasa sa iba.”

One of Harry’s earliest challenges came during the 2004 Ginoong Albay pageant, which he lost. He joined the Rajah Bagakay pageant in 2006 and walked away with the Mr. Photogenic award. A year later, he beat out a host of other hunky provocateurs to win the 2007 Heat Wave Bikini Competition. However, Harry couldn’t believe his luck at first. “Akala ko noong una joke lang. Hindi ko kasi akalaing puwede akong mag-artista dahil hindi ako gaanong marunong mag-English at probinsyano pa ako.”

But now that he’s here, and after earning rave reviews for his acting in Parola, he’s determined to make the most of it. How does his family feel about his daring image? “Actually, hindi pa po nila alam, pero sa tingin ko, magiging proud naman sila. Gusto ko ring patunayan na hindi lang paghuhubad ang kaya kong gawin. Alam ko na hindi ako pababayaan ng Viva Films.” “

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  1. i guess everyone will be wondering just exactly WHAT he did to support himself financially during the time he left his parents. roamed the malls and…? nevertheless, he appears to be a survivor.

  2. i agree with the other comments… i was in the fashion/modelling business back in the philippines and i have to say that there are only 2 ways for a model to “survive” and these are the following:

    1) be succcessful in ramp and commercial… stress on ‘and’ here because ramp modelling alone will not pay the bills.

    2) benefactor. i think i don’t need to stress this one.

    thank you.

  3. That is your personal opinion. I think we have no right to judged anyone kahit naging criminal man eto o ano pa man. Let’s give him a chance para naman gumanda ang buhay ng taong ito. Di ba maganda!!!

  4. That is your personal opinion. I think we have no right to judged this person kung naging ano pa man siya noon (criminal o ano pa man) Why not give chance para mabago nya ang buhay nya? Di ba maganda!!!

  5. advance HAPPY BIRTDAY harry. 2007 has been good to you. may the following years be better if not the best on your career. work on getting a ‘carte vert’.

  6. Acting wise Harry has to work on this so much…He just appeared good in the film because his role calls for being a probinsyano ( which he is ) but what if the role calls for him to be a yuppie or any roles that would not have that probinsyano aura and gestures,he would fail..He should learn to speak well and study voice diction,speaking skills or whatever because in the film I find him so dull and his acting was so boring…Good thing the script was good and his nudity saved him..On the other hand, I would have to give credit to Justin de leon..Justin, on the contrary, amazes me that he can really act..His acting was so disciplined and very natural…And as with the other reviews,he delivers well…Harry is cute but he needs to do some homework to really make it…Otherwise, he would be typecasted to just probinsyano roles….

  7. If there is anything sadder and more pathetic than an unhappy, frustrated person, it is an unhappy, frustrated, and SELF-RIGHTEOUS one. Come on, guys (or gays), give Harry a break. Bitching about an object one can only fantasize about will not change anything.

  8. i haven’t this movie yet… but i really want to watch it and i want to see them fucking and sucking each other…. grabeh nga nman ang tao kumita lang pati pakikipag sex sa kapuwa lalake gagawin… o baka nman libog lang talaga sila.. hehehe

  9. they both really hot… i want to see fucking and sucking each others dicl and ass… and i want to see them horny and ercted… nga nman ang tao kumita lang ng pera gagawin ang lahat kahit pa makipag sex sa kapuwa lalake.. gya nina harry and justin.. o kaya nman talagang gusto lang nila nag ginagawa nila…

  10. “Grabeh nga nman ang tao kumita lang pati pakikipag sex sa kapuwa lalake gagawin… o baka nman libog lang talaga sila.”

    Have you ever heard of simulated sex? Harry and Justin are not really making love. And neither are they doing it for the sheer pleasure of it. They’re actors. It’s their job to make their love-making convincing and credible. The fact that you’re convinced they are having sex means they are effective in playing their roles.

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