Hot and Provocative: Justin de Leon

Justin de Leon, 24 years old and 5’9″ tall, is one of the original members of the pioneering sexy male group, Viva Hotmen. Now that the group has been disbanded to make way for the heady and ballsy Men of Provoq, Justin has also successfully made the crossover. Justin de Leon was a former bikini open veteran, most notable of which was winning the 2002 Bataan Bikini Open. He finished, apparently, a Business Management course but he opted to hang on in the biz. He was last seen in the indie gay movies Pusang Gala and Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Justin will next play a major role in another queer flick, Fantasia, where he gets to passionately tongue another male actor. And contrary to nasty rumors, he is not gay in the real world. I ardently think so.

2 thoughts on “Hot and Provocative: Justin de Leon”

  1. d na sya hunky ngayon! how sad 🙁 nakita ko sya sa isang show sa tv 5. at yon, d n ganon kaganda ang katawan nya!

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