Justin and Harry 3

A lot of readers have also noticed how the movie Ang Lalake sa Parola is being promoted in this site as a “male sex organ” show-and-tell. One reader even asked if the storyline is so “thin” that promo for the movie had to shift to the slant of “close-up scenes of a stiff schlong.” Such a pity, really, since the movie is directed by award-winning tv director Joselito Altarejos with a story from Lex Bonife. I’m pretty sure the movie has a decent plot and story worth watching. Harry’s supposed scene-shocker would just have to be a come-on, however, fleeting.

5 thoughts on “Justin and Harry 3”

  1. I have worked with most of the people behind this film kaya I can pretty much predict the quality of this “movie.” Please, itigil na nila ang pagpapanggap na INDIE movie kunwari pero soft porn naman. I mean guys! Hello!!!

    Okay lang naman kung soft porn basta tell it as it is. Don’t make claims that it’s GROUND-BREAKING.

    And having a STORYLINE is different from having a GOOD STORYLINE.

  2. I watched the gilm and the film really delivered. The erection scene was there as well as more frontal scenes from Harry. There was even a scene where it seemed like Harry was pumping his tool while making love to Justin. The film showed every angle of Harry’s body and manhood. Truly a first in the new Filipino Cinema

  3. It was Justin pumping his tool while making love to Harry, its the other way around, the camera from above and was so quick..Justin was a great teaser,medyo split second of balls and head of his tool lang pero it was so quick and barely recognizable the light was dark.But Harry bared everything. Maybe Justin should bare more next time so we could see his treasures up close….

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