Justin Backstage

That’s Justin de Leon after the Cruise show. I noticed I haven’t posted any of his photos during the show, and this one picture of Justin shirtless and deliberately careless with his gym pants and jockeys, is too good to miss. He celebrated his birthday that night, making him all of 29 years and still delectable [if you ask me]. The good-natured Provoq member also reminded me that night that he is also in the movie Ang Lalake sa Parola [The Man in Lighthouse], where he played the lover of cutesy Harry Laurel. When asked whether he went overboard in the “graphic sex scenes”, Justin laughingly told me to just wait for the release of the movie.

5 thoughts on “Justin Backstage”

  1. Not bad at all!

    Excluding Maico, I guess that all the other biys are short. I’ve seen Justin several times already and he…is ok for a 1 night stand! hahahahahahaaha

  2. J, naka one night mo na ba si Justin? hehehehehe..Is he game? Game ba sya? hehehe..I’ve seen Justin de leon as well, he has this appeal na kakaiba…I like his charm and body..Yummy sya di ba……And he has the nicest lines going down to his inguinal ( singit ), di ba well defined? SYa lang yung may ganun sa Provoq men… And hot yung number nya sa Cruise ha kamuntik na matanggal plaster nya…hehehe…I think all these years he still never fail to sizzle gays and girls with so much lust..hehhehe

  3. Yes I think Justin although at 29 still is one of the hottest male bodies that Viva has ever produced..And in fairness, watched some of his movies, he acts so well…Hope he gets good break and good acting materials for movies..He’s a good actor and in stage plays, he’s good…

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