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“Parola” in successful commercial run

Despite the “B” rating from the Film Development Council’s Cinema Evaluation Board [which entitled the film to 65-percent rebate on its amusement taxes], “Ang Lalake sa Parola” was a commercial success at the exclusive IndieSine of the Robinsons Galleria Mall. The digital film, starring Harry Chua [Laurel] and Justin de Leon [seen in photo above in the skinny-dipping scene of the movie], also got mixed reviews from film critics, after surpassing the initial “X” rating from the MTRCB. The DVD version of the movie will be out soon, and, with fingers crossed, it will be in its uncut version.
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  1. hi there. i’ve been reading your blogs for quite sometime already and this is the first time that i’ll add a comment. you mentioned that there was frontal shots and an erect male’s organ in this movie. but i live in the province and was not able to watch it in indie sine at rob. so is it really true that there are those scenes? and who’s the one with his privates reaching for the skies? thanks!

  2. I have watched both uncut and cut versions of Ang Lalake sa Parola…Regarding the frontal nudity, it is only Harry that did an all out penis exposure, erected and placid..It was Harry exposing the erected penis and not Justin…Justin, on the other hand,did some but it was not all out, he did not show his penis..I guess it was just a quick shot of Justin’s balls but not too much visible because the shot was so quick..I hope Justin gets a launching film as well so that we can also see if he can really go daring like Harry…The film is good…Justin played his part well..Harry needs a little workshop but nonetheless, both actors gave the movie a sense of charm and substance…Nice script as well…

  3. my ‘boy toy’ in manila is carefully watchful on the availability of the DVD on the market (the uncut & unrated of course). just got an e-mail today from him that it is not out yet. can’t wait to get a hold of it … waiting, waiting, waiting.

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