School Strip: JV Roxas

The winner of the Valentino magazine’s Coverboy search was 19-year old Joseph Ver “JV” Roxas. The shortest [5’6″] and one of the few flab fellows in the competition, JV Roxas, nevertheless took home the top plum, which included some cash prize, a stint in the indie movie “Moreno,” and as cover of the magazine’s June ish. Yet, when the June anniversary issue of the magazine [see previous post ] came out, JV Roxas was nowhere near the glossy covers. JV Roxas is young, stubby and squat, and he deserves to be on the cover of the magazine, if you ask me.

One thought on “School Strip: JV Roxas”

  1. I think I remember a similar concept in another gay rag, like eons ago, featuring a very young marcus (now marco) madrigal. Mas yummy yata ang appeal nung lay-out ni marcus/marco noon compared to this one featuring JV. but then again, baka naman iba ang appeal ng kid na to sa personal. photo-wise though, he seems rather flat.

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